"Computer-Based Recording 101"

Computer-Based Recording 101,” by db Masters, is a recently-written article I happened to surf accross the other day. It provides an excellent summary of what you’ll want to consider when starting out: > Your Hardware > Your Sound Devices > Your Music Software > External Hardware/Gear > Microphones and Direct Injection I must’ve read hundreds of these as a newbie. I suppose they’re the hooks used to mold us into future customers of expensive music gear, sigh. (I probabably should’ve been recording something instead. An “armchair musician” isn’t a bad thing unless he’s typing instead of playing.) ]]>






4 responses to “"Computer-Based Recording 101"”

  1. Olga Avatar

    Right on! Nice to have all this info in one spot.

  2. dB Masters Avatar

    Thanks for linking to my article, glad to see it’s helped some people!

    Keep rockin’

  3. mike Avatar

    You bet — The article does a great job of summarizing what you need to start, I thank you for it.

    Within the next couple of months, GarageSpin will add a set of “Musicians Resourses” and “Home Recording Studio Basics” that will help new recordists dive deeper into home recording basics. Your article was a great place to start. Thanks again!

  4. Jesus Stmarie Avatar

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