Chick-Core Rap is Born (Presenting Girl Crusade)

That’s right, you heard it at GarageSpin first, the first chick-core rap artist is here… Presenting:  Girl Crusade. (I googled "chick-core rap" and nothing came up.  Case closed.) Girl Crusade is sort of a cross between Eminem and Wierd Al, gone female.  Or something.  Check it out, brothers and sisters:

Girl Crusade:  "The Nose Job Song"  

Learn more or listen/get single here.

The backstory?  Tara (writer/playwright) wrote a song.  We sat down, recorded it, mixed it, and voila, a jolly good time resulted in a 192 kbs mp3 file.  Next, we’re hoping to create a music video and catch some YouTube love.  All we need is a unique, entertaining, and word-of-mouth-worthy idea.  Sounds simple…Any ideas?

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