Cellos, Loop Recording, and Cowboy Hats

celloI’ve been taking a stab at recording a 4-cello part over the last few weeks for "Take a Stand"’s outro, and proved without a doubt that I am not a cello player.  Some recent learnings to share since then:

  • Loop recording is SUCH a necessary tool for DIY recording artists (as is a metronome when actually recording). Sonar does a great job of allowing you to record multiple back-to-back "takes" in a single track, that you can later review, slice, ‘n’ dice.
  • The said slicing and dicing process is pretty cool.  It’s proved to me that 100 monkeys banging away on a piano (or cello) really could recreate Beethoven’s 9th if you let them bang around long enough.
  • Many more musicians on TV wear cowboy hats when you’re watching TV in North Carolina.

It’s true.  I’m on vacation (excuse me, I meant "VayCay") in NC, and they’re all over the place.  Beware y’all…if I record vocals too soon after returning to NY, there may be a slight twang in my voice.  (No offence to Office Overlord, of course.)







2 responses to “Cellos, Loop Recording, and Cowboy Hats”

  1. Jay Avatar

    I have a friend that left New Hampshire for college in Rock Hill, SC (just outside Charlotte), last fall. When he came home for the winter, he was wearing a cowboy hat and was listening to Toby Keith. I think it may be something in the water down there, so be very careful!

  2. mike b Avatar

    I’ll no doubt need to have my guard up. So far, so good. One highlight for today was speaking to a guy I could not understand — he sounded a lot like the ‘mumble-mouth-ish’ character on King of the Hill, no joke. Quite nice, though.

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