Celebrity Apprentice: Trump Fires Gene Simmons??

Is anyone else bummed that Donald Trump fired Gene Simmons last week?  Am I the only guy around here that watches too much reality TV?  Help me here, folks.

I was never a Kiss fan, but Gene was downright entertaining — and quite bright, too.  It was nice to see rock representing in the world of business.  Let’s all touch our tongues to our noses in memory of the honorable Mr. Simmons…







6 responses to “Celebrity Apprentice: Trump Fires Gene Simmons??”

  1. Jay Avatar

    I think Simmons was probably too big an ego for Trump to handle. They are too much alike.

  2. garagespin Avatar

    Yup, spot on. Trump didn’t even let him speak in the boardroom… ah well.

  3. Reality TV News Blog Avatar

    I’m with you — I loved Gene Simmons on Celebrity Apprentice.

  4. wrenny Avatar

    Gene Simmons is a VERY smart guy. He’s a tough guy, with a good heart. Gene Simmons is an honorable man. He knew from the beggining that he alone would take the fall if things failed. For him it was a win/win situation. If he succeeded, he would have helped level the playing field for the women, if he failed, he would be their scape goat. He picked two people who he knew would NEVER get fired, so that he could take the fall. Donald Trump saw that he was willing to take the fall, and tried every which way to get Gene to, “come off of the sword.” Some say he may have a big Ego, but he is a VERY fair man…he knows when the sides are TOTALLY uneven, and to him, there is no fun in slaughtering your opponent. He may seem sexist at times, but when it really counts, he’s a REAL GENTLEMAN. There’s no sport in annihilating your opponent. That girl Omar… whatever has got to go. She is the direct OPPOSITE of Gene Simmons. She’s weak, sneaky, stupid, conniving, Irresponsible, and not a team player. She’s a terrible leader… that’s why she volunteered first. So she can have the excuse of it being her first time, and she could be in a position to throw someone under the bus. early.

  5. garagespin Avatar

    wrenny – great points. Omarosa is extremely annoying…she’s made a career of being “the b*itch” charcter on multiple shows, and just comes off as trying too hard to be that character. I actually think Gene was going to attempt to take her out in the board room, but he never got the chance. Ah well. Go Tito! 🙂

  6.  Avatar

    “Their position for selling ink — letting people know that it’s cheap — is the worst thing you can do for a company whose stock prices are dying. You have to prop up the brand name Kodak and its quality. You have to give it a Rolls-Royce finish, not talk about being how cheap it is.” -Gene Simmons

    Totally agree. This is why Canon and Nikon have superceded Kodak, because they market themselves with quality and not quantity.

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