CD Baby Partners With Best Buy

CD-Baby-Partners-With-Best-Buy.jpgWay to go, CD Baby. Best Buy found that a growing number of customers were asking for independent music not carried by Best Buy, so they turned to CD Baby to deliver. The relationship is only online, currently. If you look at Best Buy’s Music page, you’ll see a little “Independent Music powered by CD Baby” ad in the right margin. Clicking on it leads to the Best Buy-CD Baby page captured above. It’s not much, but it’s something; I look forward to seeing indie content be better integrated into large distributor’s music catalogs. ]]>



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3 responses to “CD Baby Partners With Best Buy”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Does CD Baby offer any tools for users to search for music using a “I like this kind of music (or this band), what bands are out there that I haven’t heard of”?

    Personally I think that’s key for indie music…

  2. MikeB Avatar

    You’re 100% right, that would be huge for introducing music fans to new music. Unfortunately, I don’t believe such a tool exists. Most recommendation engines only include ‘popular’ music (already a huge database).

    CD Baby does have a “Flavors” page, which is kind of fun to scroll through, but that’s all I see so far…

  3. Taylor Avatar

    actually, check out Pandora, a result from the Music Genome Project. Very cool for music that is not “popular”. Just not tied to a purchase engine.

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