Call for Music Player Live! Photos and Stories

Ultrasone-iCans.jpgUltrasone iCans have finally made their way into the US, after getting a lot of good press in Japan. They’re the first consumer headphones using Ultrasone’s S-Logic surround sound and safe listening technology. Jellifish-Guitar-Pick.jpgJellifish Guitar Picks. What can I say — they look like jellyfish. They’re an interesting take on an old concept; certainly worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to produce a new sound. Numark-iDJ.jpgThe Numark iDJ is a mixer that uses two iPods. Old school mixer-mashers may balk at this device, but otherwise, could definitely be something fun to play with. Scratching is not recommended. Sonoma Wire demoed Riffworks, the guitar recording software that’s currently included with Line 6 GuitarPort RiffTracker. There was also some buzz about Riffworks 2, a cross-platform version that will be released soon for $99. Line-6-Toneport.jpgLine 6 demoed TonePort, the “…world’s first line of recording & modeling interfaces with our pro grade tone for guitar, bass, vocals, and more.” I’ve enjoyed Line 6 stuff in the past, and have high hopes for this unit. UPDATE: As mentioned earlier, Motorola announced the Get Heard Network at MPL. iRadio Waves has a photo of the iRadio booth, as well as a few pics of Aamen (from VH1) interviewing Dave Ulmer. ]]>






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  1. Michelle Wright Avatar

    We have some pictures from Music Player Live up here:

    Also, today, November 1st until the end of the day, is the last day to vote in our quarterly song contest. There are some great original songs! Song with the most cheers wins:

    Thanks for mentioning RiffWorks!

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