Cakewalk Sonar 6 Producer Edition Available

Cakewalk Sonar 6-Producer EditionMan, I’m starting to feel a little behind the software times. Cakewalk just released the most recent version of its flagship product, Sonar 6 Producer Edition. I’m still using Sonar 3, and can’t help but feel like I might be missing some very significant plugin or effect that would make my music rock. For example, among the listed features: AudioSnap Multitrack Audio Quantize, VC-64 Vintage Channel™, Session Drummer™, and Roland V-Vocal VariPhrase Processor (Who? What?). However, really, it’s probalby not too likely that any of those widgets would change my music much. I wonder if Cakewalk would be willing to send a certain GarageSpin editor a free ‘demo’ version for review..? (Hint, hint, come on guys, show me da luv…) ]]>






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  1. Jenny Avatar

    While I totally think they should send you some free software, because garagespin totally ROCKS…I also wonder, when you get new software, how much time does it take to learn it? Is it worth the frustration of setting up new stuff and its not working and all that? Or do you just assume it’ll be perfect the first time? because from my experiences, personally and from friends, this kind of stuff seems to take more work than you think it will. Cakewalk peeps, what do you say?

  2. Edshugeo The GodMoor Avatar

    Learning software like this doesn’t take that long. At least as far as getting it to do the basic things I need. I take a quick look at the documentation and then proceed with trial and error. If necessary, I’ll go back to the documentation, but I usually can get something happening within the first hour or two. Each project becomes a learning experience of some sort, but that was true of hardware recording as well.
    I started out on Cakewalk 3, which I updated a coupl’a times and eventually got up to the first one or two releases of Sonar.
    I don’t think I ever utilised the full capabilities of any of those, including Ardour (a Linux audio worksation), which is my current program. Partially because I allow myself extended dry periods of (a lack of) creativity and have to re-learn this stuff from time to time.

  3. MikeB Avatar

    I have to agree with Edshugeo. Even with Sonar 3, I’m probably only using about 15% of all the capabilities and options offered in the software. And I still find I’m learning something new, or even re-learning what I used to know, both with the software and hardware, and am constantly using as a resource. It’s a never-ending learning process..!

    Edshuego, have you completely stopped using Sonar, then? How does Ardour compare?

  4. ferrycool_f Avatar

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