Cakewalk Sonar 4 Announcements

First, was the release of both SONAR Home Studio Version 4 and SONAR Home Studio Version 4 XL. The cost will be $149 and $229 respectively. The premium XL version includes RXP DXi (tempo-syncing drum machine and groove box), Square I DXi (analog modeling synthesizer), PowerFX Dyad DXi Sampler (advanced SF2 (soundfont) sample player), Reverb XL (Sonar 4 Pro’s Reverb effect), and two additional content CDs (including PowerFX, ACID, and REX samples). Secone, Cakewalk Sonar Pro users should get ready to download the Sonar 4.0.3 maintenance release to be available for download at on July 29th. It’s free for registered users only, a great trick for getting file sharers to drop some bills. Pretty cool. PC users, rejoice. ]]>






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