Buy a Custom Song to Wear Pants To

My photographer and perpetual traveller friend Taylor told me to check out Andrew, a songwriter taking song requests at  You can make either a "free request" or a "paid request".  Andrew reads all free requests and writes 1:11 songs for the ones that interest him most.  He guarantees to fulfill all paid requests for $40-400 based on length, subject, genre, and deadline.

Kinda interesting.  I love the "free request" idea…it’s fun for readers, but also a blast for the songwriter.  There’s no need to impress with a fully-structured, well thought-out and arranged composition.  Just pump out some audio when you’re inspired…that’s what all songwriters should be doing anyway, no?  ( my guitar slowly gathers dust, sigh)

Fun stuff, and a great idea.  Where do the pants come in?  I have no idea.







7 responses to “Buy a Custom Song to Wear Pants To”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    So, as a fellow song-writer, what would you request?

  2. mike Avatar

    Good question. But a wierd one to answer…ater all, if I thought of a song idea I really liked, would I really want to give it away? 🙂

    That said, how about one about a lonely toll booth operator? Perhaps several, from various bridges in the NYC metropolitan area? There aren’t enough songs about those poor guys/gals.

  3. Jay Avatar

    Like Adam Sandler’s “Tollbooth Willie” character???

    “That’ll be a dollah twenty-five for you, whore!”

  4. mike Avatar

    Ha! You know, I forgot about Tollbooth Willie…(probably because I haven’t seen it yet). Perhaps another character, one that hasn’t seen its day in the sun (i.e. in a movie or song) would be better?

  5. Tara Avatar

    Yeah, but I’m sure tons of people with no songwriting ability would LOVE this. “Hey, write a song for my wife’s 50th birthday” and whatever. Lots of “gift songs”, I can imagine.

  6. Tara Avatar

    Or advertising songs. That seems to be the other big market. But I went to the site and it is interesting that people do just throw out random things that would be unique in a song–“A song about people who eat snails” etc.

  7. Mike Avatar

    True… The funny/random requests are usually the “free” ones. The “paid” ones tend to be “gifts” like you mentioned. I like the Tetris rap, personally…

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