Build Your Own Electronic Drum Kit

Build Your Own Electronic Drum Kit Talk about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) machine, Nathaniel Andrew gives step-by-step instructions on how to build your own electronic drum kit:

I was tired of using my Evolution MK249C MIDI keyboard controller to enter my drum parts. I have wanted an electronic drum kit for quite some time, but could never justify dropping any serious coin on a set because I am a terrible drummer. So… being the DIY kinda cat that I am, I decided to just make my own.
All you need is a Radio Shack Piezo Transducer (273-073A), a Radio Shack Shielded Phono Jack (274-346), a soldering iron, liquid flux, epoxy, an xacto knife, a 1/4″ drill bit, a 26awg 12″ x 24″ plate metal, cutting sheers, and 20 minutes of your time. I would love to try this some day. Once again, thanks to Hackingnetflix for pointing out the site. ]]>






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  1. Orchard Avatar

    Well, I must say, that I do like how the black drum tops look like sunglasses from a distance, and that is not a bad thing to see with one’s eyes on a sunny morning such as it is.

  2. Crash Avatar

    I dunno…there’s a certain Animalistic (pun intended) satisfaction that comes with hitting real drums really, really hard. There’s also that satisfying feeling of browsing through music stores and garage sales, always keeping your ears open for the woodblock or crash cymbal that produces just the right sound that you’d like to incorporate into your kit.

    Then again, the home-recording enthusiast is limited by space and budget. Certainly you can’t be expected to get an entire brass or woodwind section into your garage. Perhaps that’s a debate for him, then; to what extent do you sacrifice the authentic “feel” of creating music to the reality of the home-recording environment?

    Don’t ask me. I’m mostly talking out of my butt.

  3. mike Avatar

    The latter reason is right on the money, as far aas what’s appealing to me about the set. Also appealing is the option to practice at all hours of day or evening with headphones, but without neighbors’ complaints! (And more importantly, without embarassment, as in my case..;)

    But you’re right…there’s nothing quite like the feeling of wailing on a snare to funky groove; no other instrument gives as wide of channel of physical release. I still get the same un-erasable grin when I play on a real set.

    For composition, recording, and space-saving purposes, though, an electronic set can have great benefits.

  4. eran Avatar

    i’m building an electronic drum set as a part of my electronics school project
    I thought it would be cool to do something different on my project
    anyway, i need a little help with the building and the whole procedure
    so if you can e-mail me Nathaniel Andrew’s e-mail address so i can speak to him and ask him questions it would be really great
    or even someone else who has expirience with building electronic drum sets
    so thank you very much
    hope to hear from ya soon

  5. Drum Kit Avatar

    Drum Kit

    Introduction Play your sequence with this pretty Drum Kit puts you in contact with local…

  6. Kalani Avatar

    Bravo! One thing ALL music fans need is cheap ways to git there kiks. Indeed.

  7. Greg Avatar

    I Can’t believe this. I’ve been surfing tha web looking for ways to bend real wood drum shells and all I can find are links to buy them. But now I find this I’m defantelly gonna try this and probabally start in like 1 or 2 days. God Bless the person who made this info avaiable.



  9. prince Avatar

    your not making your own drum kit…you just made your own trigger pad, not a drum kit…you already have a drum module

  10. fox Avatar


    Building my own E drum kit & saving big $$$ is certainly intriguing. I already own a Zoom MRT-3b drum machine which puts out some great sounds & can be MIDI triggered, which leads me to the question of how to interface between the piezo transducers and the MRT3 ? Anybody have any ideas ? Thanx.

    1. drumy Avatar

      you need a trigger to midi processor like the alesis trigger i/o, you then plug that into the midi in of your module or use it via usb to control software.

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