Brad Sucks, The One-Man-Band With Tons of Fans

BradSucks, DIY incarnate...Brad is my hero.  If you haven’t heard him yet, you should check out his stuff.  This guy is a DIY musician poster child — he writes, records, mixes, masters, and sells all of his own music through his home studio.

And his stuff is all over the net.  There have been hundreds of remixes of his music, and hundreds of podcasts and radio stations have played it.  His style is often compared to that of Beck’s, a sort of electro-pop-rock that gets your head a-boppin.  All of his songs are available for free download, yet fans still buy his first CD, "I Don’t Know What I’m Doing."   (The professional manufacturing of which was funded by his fans.)  There’s even an entire forum revolving around this guy’s music.

How does he do it?  I recently had a chance to interview him to get a full scoop on the Brad.  Tune in tomorrow for 100% pure, liquified "indie-ness"…








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