Boosting CD & Merchandise Sales

Indie Music Promotion Blog, and the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, recently posted a list of Top CD and Merch Sales Tips. For example:

Location, Location, Location: Often, club owners/managers will want to stick you in a dark corner out of the way. However, you won’t sell any merch that way. You need to make sure you are set up either next to the music (wear earplugs!) or by the door. By the door, no one coming or going can miss you. Give Away Free Stuff with Each Purchase: “You can get stickers, buttons, matchbooks, etc., for less than 50 cents each. Giving it away with a $10 or $15 sale of a shirt or CD may just be what pushes the customer into buying. Plus, it’s one extra piece of promotion for you,” DeNeal explains. Hold a drawing: To enter, people must put their business card or form into a bowl, which of course sits on the merch table.
It’s good, solid, common sense. Actually, Bob’s blog is full of practical advice for musicians promoting themselves, their music, and their merch. As well as more creative marketing ideas, such as turning yourself into a Happy Meal. Heh — Check it out. ]]>






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