Bob Baker's Artist Empowerment Radio

Bob Baker recently started an online radio show, Artist Empowerment Radio, that offers advice to independent songwriters, musicians and bands (as well as creative people of all kinds). It’s available in both podcast and streaming formats. From Bob’s mission statement:

To awaken within creative people the optimism and attitude that so often eludes them. You probably know my philosophy on this by now: Artists, writers and performers have a lot more power and control over their careers than they give themselves credit for.
I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but the concept sounds interesting. Bob’s blog posts are encouraging to anyone trying to “make it” as a musician. (However, the podcast site only has two shows, dated April 6 and April 8…hopefully he hasn’t given up on the effort?) ]]>






2 responses to “Bob Baker's Artist Empowerment Radio”

  1. Crash Avatar

    Wow! All that, and he still has time to encourage everyone to have their pets spayed or neutered. That man is awesome.

  2. mike b Avatar

    What? Neutered? Clearly, I need to read more in between the lines, that are in between the lines…


    -Mike B

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