BlogRush – Cool Tool or Traffic Pyramid Scheme?

BlogRush is a free widget that can be plugged into a blog to 1) display posts that would be relevant to readers, and 2) help bloggers generate relevant traffic to their site.  I.e. a music site like GarageSpin would hopefully attract more readers interested in music, etc.  I can’t help but feel there’s something skethcy about it..? Here’s what it looks like:

It works like this: the widget (see right) displays 4-5 titles of recent posts from related blogs.  For every impression the widget gets on your site, you gain one traffic ‘credit’ in the BlogRush content universe.  For each credit, a post from your blog is displayed in a widget on someone else’s blog.  But wait (here’s the ginsu knife offer), there’s more.  If someone else clicks on the widget and ends up installing their own on another website, you get credit for page impressions they generate as well.

It’s a pretty viral idea, kinda cool, a little pyramid scheme-ish, but not really since it doesn’t require an investment of any kind.  I’m intrigued enough that I’ll give it a shot — so far, the posts are indeed music related, so that’s good. I think I’ll try it out for a week or two…if it sucks, I’ll dump it.

If you’re interested in trying BlogRush, you can sign up here, so I can get the credit.  🙂

Or, wait 1-2 weeks for my update on how it’s going — I’ll add the update to this same post.







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