BlogMatrix Releases Sparks! 2.0 Podcasting Solution

podcasting, which I briefly explained earlier. Blogmatrix Releases Sparks! 2 Podcasting SolutionAlready in the market? You may want to take a look at BlogMatrix’s latest podcasting solution, Sparks! 2.0, that was released last week. According to the site: “BlogMatrix Sparks! 2.0 – The easy “one-stop” solution for recording, sharing and listening to podcasts. Sparks! 2.0 removes the technical and financial barriers to podcasting. Now everyone can easily share their views, experiences and interests in the classless podcasting community.” You get: * A multi-track recorder and mixer designed especially for the needs of podcasters. * Automatic uploading of your podcasts to the BlogMatrix server. * A full featured podcatcher for listening to other’s podcasts. Sparks! 2.0 has been getting good reviews, and causing a stir among competitors. Adam Curry’s Podshow and Noah’s Odeo are also worth checking out. But unrelated to the ART of recording music! Time to hit the mic. ]]>






3 responses to “BlogMatrix Releases Sparks! 2.0 Podcasting Solution”

  1. rico Avatar

    I tried Sparks! out and it blew me away, at how easy it is to use, and the time it saves me in a day, no more do I constantly reload RocketBoom to see if Amanda has a new video out, Sparks! lets me know, and I can view it inline, simply awesome! and these guys are constantly putting out new and improved versions, when do they sleep?

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