Blogger Geeks Hit Manhattan

Two Boots in Grand Central Station in NYC. Imagine, if you will, a spectrum of corporate, media-savvy suits sitting next to unshaven, informal IT geniuses, discussing RSS Feeds and Podcasts. ‘Twas a grand old time. “A-List” bloggers Robert Scoble, Steve Rubel, and Dave Winer were present, drawing a crowd of 40-50 RSS enthusiasts. The 50:3 male to female ratio made ‘Spin the Bottle’ a non-option, but I suppose that wasn’t the purpose of the gathering. It was amusing to see the whole gang sing Happy Birthday to Dave Winer for his 50th. The variety of expertise was astounding. (Please forgive me…I’m about to name drop like a wild man…) From the music world, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Winer (co-developer of Podcasting with Adam Curry), Ryan from Orbitcast (satellite radio blog), Robert Safuto of Podcast NYC (a very active indie music author and service provider), Mike Dunn from Nomadic Audio (podcast blog), Mark Uhrmacher from Free Bandwidth Project, and Sam Whitmore of Closet Deadhead (Grateful Dead podcast). I also got to hang out with Mary Jo of Microsoft Watch, Mike from Hacking Netflix, Ramon from Small Biz Technology, Tristan from TNL, and John Keegan from Blog Harbor, and Dr. Andrew Jaffe (an astrophysicist). There were more interesting folks, but I simply was not able to get everyone’s info in the blogosphere tornado. Ramon videotaped several interviews with participants, and pictures are available here and here, in case you’re interested. Good times, good times. ]]>






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  1. Rob S Avatar


    It was nice meeting you at the dinner last night. Let’s hook up again to talk about promoting indie music in the NY area.


  2. mike Avatar

    Absolutely. It was great to meet you as well, Rob. I’m quite impressed by, and am psyched to see what we can do.


  3. mike dunn Avatar

    hey, i represent that suit comment 😉

    lol – subscribed, great site…

  4. Micro Persuasion Avatar

    Geek Dinner Recap

    Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a fabulous NYC geek dinner with Dave Winer (happy 50th Dave!), BL Ochman, Mike Kaltschnee, and of course, the Scobleizer. I also met lots of emerging bloggers, like Mike Bouteneff.

  5. Mike Avatar

    Heh heh. And a nice suit it was, too, Mike. 🙂

    I recently subscribed to Nomadic Audio, btw. (I’m hoping to start a podcast of my own, soon, and your site’s been informative). Glad to have met you, and looking forward to future podcast-related discussions in NYC.

  6. John Keegan dot org Avatar

    Pizza DInner with Geeks in NYC

    I went to a “geek dinner” in NYC on Monday night, a get together organized by Steve Rubel and Robert …

  7. deneglka Avatar

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  8. deneglka Avatar

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  9. Pozycjonowanie Avatar

    Absolutely. It was great to meet you as well, Rob. I’m quite impressed by, and am psyched to see what we can do.

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