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Blog comment spam sucks.  I got seriously sick of robots posting about various drug, p#rn, and texas holdem sites on GarageSpin…like a Maxim magazine gone bad.  After playing with a couple plugins this weekend, the comment spam has ended.

If you use Movable Type to blog, I’ve got one word for you:  MT-Keystrokes.  This badboy plugin validates that the commentor is actually a human typing in the comment…and not a robot spamming on the fly.  Awesome stuff.

I also looked at HMPassPhrase and TypeKey stuff, but they both required readers to take extra steps to comment…too much work.

Anyway, here’s to a spam-free blog…it’s such a relief.







4 responses to “Blog Comment Spam Killa – Keystrokes”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Ah, only until the spammers figure a work-around. There is no cure-all. It’s the price for communicating…

  2. MikeB Avatar

    So true, so true. Is this what they call the “Red Queen Effect”, where you need to run just to stand still? 🙂

  3. Alex Avatar


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