Big Recording Studios vs. Home Recording Studios

Scott Galupo of the Washington Times wrote an article titled Music from a Closet about the recent passing of many large recording studios (the Hit Factory, Cello Studios, Music Shoals Sound Studios, and most recently, Sony Music Studios), and the explosion of home/garage/closet-based studios.  A good read, check it out.

Scott was kind enough to invite my thoughts on the subject, but I (unknowingly) missed his deadline while boogie boarding in North Carolina.  Rather than let mediocre writing go to waste, I thought I’d include my thoughts here so they would have a life outside of Gmail:

"Digital audio recording has advanced to the point where it’s difficult to differentiate between home-brewed audio and pro analog sound.  While audiophiles may disagree, the vast majority of iPod owners are perfectly happy grooving to mp3 files, a "low fi" sound format.  The recent 50/50 split between digital and analog single sales in the UK strongly supports that trend.

"The production process is evolving towards a point where the bulk of song writing, recording, tracking, and mixing will take place in home studios.  Some studios will always exist to provide superior acoustic spaces, superior mixing and mastering software and hardware, and most importantly, expert mixing and mastering expertise, all of which are difficult for any DIY artist to duplicate.  And of course, there will always be great bands who have no knowledge of or desire to record their own albums.  The studios that can offer bundled services (CD duplication, studio musician rosters, music submission channels, song advice, industry contacts, mixing/mastering expertise, etc.) and other difficult-to-duplicate benefits will survive and succeed."

Quoting one’s self is so lame.








5 responses to “Big Recording Studios vs. Home Recording Studios”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Quoting oneself is indeed lame, but boogie boarding was worth it… therefore so be it.

  2. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    That’s too bad the WashTimes dude didn’t get your response in time. You’re so freakin’ smart, Garageman!

  3. mike b Avatar

    True ’nuff, boogie boarding WAS worth it. I smile every time I look down at my bruises and scratches. 🙂

  4. Pianologist Avatar

    If you are to grade the quality of audio work from home studio, what is the grade it will get compare to professionally produced music in superb studio?

    at most 80% of the pro?

  5. vinayk Avatar

    “expert mixing and mastering expertise” – may want to edit that line =P

    but I agree with what you are saying… and i also love that song you have playing in the background!

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