Best Ad Placement Ever: Mac Spanks Vista on Home Court

Gotta love da Apple, jabbing at Vista in its own ad space. Microsoft may be none too pleased with CNET after this… Check out the video ads before they’re pulled here.

Mac OS Leopard bitch slaps Microsoft Vista

UPDATE: Well, the ads have already been pulled. Fortunately, someone was smart enough to capture the video — enjoy:






4 responses to “Best Ad Placement Ever: Mac Spanks Vista on Home Court”

  1. Gerry wiebe Avatar
    Gerry wiebe

    Did any one make a video screen capture of this page. Would love a copy. They have pulled since yesterday.


  2. garagespin Avatar

    Hi Gerry,
    Unfortunately, I did not. However, I did see the same ads at yesterday, so maybe you can see them there.

  3. garagespin Avatar

    Gerry: Because you asked for it, I found it — I just added a youtube clip of the new Apple ads. Enjoy!

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