Automagic Music Video Geekery: Submit Songs to Animoto

Animoto - automatic music video creationRemember the blurb in Orwell’s 1984 about all music being computer generated in the future?  (I guess that’s only partially come true…nice try, George.)  Here’s a little computer generated music video creation for ya…

Animoto is a web application using Cinematic Artificial Intelligence to create music videos from images and music you upload.  It’s sort of a slideshow on steroids, analyzing audio characteristics to determine ideal visual cut and transition times.  Kinda cool.  But not totally free — 30-second clips are free, but full-length videos cost $3 each. 

But here’s something cool — Animoto started a Music Submission Program for musicians and bands.  Basically, you can submit up to one song per month to join a pool of music that regular users can use in their own videos with their own pictures.  The songs that are used the most will become permanent additions to Animoto’s hand-selected "best song catalog".  It’s another way to promote your music in this crazy web 2.0 world of ours.  Mashup city, suckas.

So go and upload your best song today, and prepare to game the system by getting all of your friends to create 100s of music videos with your song.  Just kidding.







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