ARTISTServer: One Man, Thousands of Artists

ArtistServer.jpgVision and drive. Two huge intangibles that work wonders. Enter Gideon Marken and his brainchild, ArtistServer. Named one of the best music hosting services by Time along with GarageBand and CDBaby, ArtistServer empowers bands with the ability to host, stream, blog about, podcast, and offer ringtones of, their music…and more. But get this — Gideon launched, and now maintains and expands the entire service/community by himself! Further, all the services are FREE. Talk about a DIY musician, this guy went out and BUILT his own friggin’ digital music platform when went bust. The site has evolved quite a bit since its birth in 2000, when it was orignally an electronica site named ElectronicScene. Now, 4000 artists of all genres use the site to host and promote their music, and 8000 music fans enjoy it. Gideon’s got huge plans for ArtistServer. You’ll be able to read more about them in an interview some time next week. One recent step was the launch of ArtistJukebox, a playlist generator that pulls music from ArtistServer’s enormous catalog of independent breakbeat, new age, indie, techno, grunge, etc music. Check it when you get the chance. More about Gideon’s exploits next week… ]]>


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  1. eXtreme Indie Radio Avatar

    Awesome! It's something wonderful to see the independent artists getting some recognition. We try to provide a good service to unsigned artists at eXtreme Indie Radio and it's a constant thing.

  2. MikeB Avatar

    Absolutely, I can’t agree more. 🙂


  3. Done Studio Avatar

    I was originally a member of and when they went bust I felt a great loss, for where was I going to post my music and have such a great time with the people I had met.

    Well my life took a different turn with me opening a on-line game site and composing music, video etc for the MOD we were running. The after a couple years I realized I had to return to music full time for my sanity, so knowing that others had filled the gap for online music, I went ahead and started Radio Done Studio for all artists, amateur, new, independent, Dj’s and people that want to just get their talk out to world.

    Now I believe that artists can never have enough exposure for their music, so it is not in the spirit of competition that I started this site, but in the spirit of community that we offer our site up.

    We are the site for New Artists, New Music and some Interesting Talk. If you notice in our Links Section just about EVERYTHING begins with “OURS” The reason is because We Are in the process of establishing a community of talented people who want to showcase their talents for the whole worldwide web. As a community we are all in this together to make this one of, if not THE PREMIER Site for the Independent Artist.

    Each artist has their own webpage, online music storage, radio station and receives Shoutcast airtime, live and on-demand, to get their music out to the world to listen to.

    We offer the new artist, the Indie artist, amateur artist, DJ’s, people that want to do Talk Radio, Comedy, a place to showcase their talents. We are a FREE SERVICE (we also have a very reasonable Deluxe Plan also for people that want more options) so come in and give a listen…Who Knows? Maybe you will want to join them!!!


    Done Studio

  4. Andrew Avatar

    Must have really Gotcha

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