Andrew Dubber and Online Media Ecology

Andrew Dubber’s New Music Strategies blog is one of my favorite reads in the music space, especially when I need a philosophical infusion of online media ecology (his term, not mine). Well, he’s decided to start 2008 by transforming the flow of a site into a gigantic "interactive ebook" (which is neither a fair nor accurate summary of the 2000+ word explanation Andrew offered for the project).

Anyway, it’s the start of a great journey.  Check out what he’s written so far:

Funny, I was thinking of starting a "blog-post-series-becomes-a-free-ebook" project recently…but then remembered that I hadn’t completed a song in almost a year.  Ouch!  No.  New.  Projects.

Speaking of which…my new music computer is almost set up, despite several "technical obstacles"…hopefully they’ll be overcome soon. 







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