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Sanjaya Malakar from American IdolThis is too funny. is a site dedicated to a single mission: propel the worst American Idol contestant to the top.  They’re currently campaigning for Sanjaya Malakar, who as a result, has made it quite far, despite his painful performances.  You can see why when you compare VFTW’s traffic stats to‘s (as the Compete blog points out):

 Compare Traffic: vs.

Fun stuff.  Also interesting is VFTW’s "Truth About Auditions" section, which reminds us that AI is casting for a reality show, and isn’t purely a talent contest.  (It reminded me of the season when Carrie Underwood won.  I only watched the first couple episodes of the season, and remember seeing footage of Carrie milking cows on a farm back home, etc etc, and thinking, "Wait a sec, how did they get footage of her at her house during the first round of auditions, and why is she the ONLY contestant they did that for?"  She won weeks later.  Kinda fishy, though she was indeed quite good.)

So now the question is, can the cynical masses backing Sanjaya overcome the AI forces that be?  Sanjaya had better watch his back, Simon may be wielding a club Tonya Harding style.

On a related note, here’s one set of contestant departure predictions




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3 responses to “American Idol, Sanjaya, and”

  1. kenny aldrich Avatar
    kenny aldrich

    the show is piece of crap I haven’t seen one idol the whole time this eh’ show aired. this shit show gets prime time while T monk piano eliminations gets shoved on @ 2:00am on bet.. the worst of that show [if you can even say there is a worst] is light years more talented and gifted than the best o the best or the lesser of 2 evils “performer” on idol..I propose a new name how about..American tragedy? I like it better and it is far more accurate. sanjwhatever his name is is all the proof I needed.. show is a farce PERIOD!

  2. dreamspin Avatar

    Hi hear ya, Kenny. Maybe you should try another reality show, like the Pussy Cat Dolls? At least they wear lingerie when they perform…

  3. dreamspin Avatar

    Well, that’s that, he was kicked off yesterday. Howard Stern seems to think it was rigged. Heh.

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