Amazon Selling DRM-free MP3s at the AmazonMP3 Store

Amazon launches AmazonMP3Cool — Amazon just launched a public beta version of AmazonMP3, their new music download store selling DRM-free MP3siTunes is great in terms of user experience, but all purchased music is iPod-bound.  Cool things about AmazonMP3:

  • Launched with 2 million + songs
  • MP3 tracks are encoded at 256 kbps (iTunes encodes at a lower quality level)
  • No DRM (digital rights management), play on any phone or mp3 player (iTunes is iPod only)
  • Tracks and albums cost as little as $.89 and $4.99 respectively (iTunes sells a few DRM-free tracks for $1.29)

Fun.  I’ll be checking the big A for my tunes first.  Emusic also sells DRM-free stuff, btw.







2 responses to “Amazon Selling DRM-free MP3s at the AmazonMP3 Store”

  1. Jay Avatar

    Nice find. I’m not a fan of iTunes (perhaps because I don’t have an iPod), so this looks like a good alternative. I’ll check back after I’ve used it.

  2. garagespin Avatar

    Awesome – definitely let us know how it works out in terms of selection, ease of use, blah blah. Thanks, Jay!

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