AES 2005 Home Recording Hardware

AES wrap-up of some of the home recording equipment showcased. Acoustic treatments (the new Auralex AudioTile), mini recorders (the M-Audio MicroTrack, and the Edirol R-1 wave/mp3 recorder), monitors (the E-Mu PM5 Precision Monitors), microphone preamps (the Joemeek ONEQ, and the True Systems P-SOLO models), microphones (the Audio Technica AT2041SP studio pack), and outboard gear (the Lexicon MX200 effects unit) were all part of the audio gear circus. Must…stop…salivating. ]]>






3 responses to “AES 2005 Home Recording Hardware”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    stop salivating and start writing and recording!

  2. mikeb Avatar

    i know, i know..! Thanks for the kick-in-the-as@. Actually, I’m oh-so-very close to completing a solid draft of a track. I’m only having trouble creating decent .wav and .mp3 versions of it, for some reason — not quite sure why. But Soon! 🙂

  3. Jacob Avatar

    yeah this is lil kado just want to know if you could get me a record deal i write and flow may own songs

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