Adam Curry to Host Sirius Satellite Slot Devoted to Podcasts

Adam Curry, x-MTV V-Jay and developor of software that lets people automatically receive podcasts on mp3 players, will now host a Sirius Satellite radio program devoted solely to podcasts. According to the NY Times (registration required):

Mr. Curry will help choose material for “Adam Curry’s PodShow” from some of the thousands of amateur shows produced in basements, living rooms and dormitories.
That’s a great opportunity for home recording musicians and songwriters. Along similar lines, Infinity Broadcasting (part of Viacom) has announced plans to convert San Francisco AM radio station, KYCY, to KYOU Radio, a station also dedicated to featuring listener-submitted podcasts. As Mark Ramsey at Radio Marketing Nexus explains, it’s cheap content, easy to administor, and will generate a great deal of PR. Certainly a win-win for station, listeners, and podcastors alike. In an interview with Wired (Xeni Jardin), Infinity CEO Joel Hollander explains:
We’re creating a new way to let a lot of people participate personally in radio — sharing their feelings on music, news, politics, whatever matters to them…I also think this is going to be a really interesting way to develop new talent.
This is awesome news for artists searching for new promotion channels. Sirius and Infinity Broadcasting have created a new source of exposure for unsigned acts. Podcastors’ will now be able reach communities beyond the realm of blogs and RSS feeds. Hopefully, we’ll be able to shake up canned radio with a little raw ‘love’ from our garages and basements. If you’re new to podcasting, and want to learn more about its history, its potential uses, and/or some well-known favorites, Terry Storch does a nice job of giving a quick overview. ]]>






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