About.com Looking For Podcasting and iPod Experts

Available About topicsJulian McBrown’s Home Recording About.com blog is a good site to check for the latest news and updates relating to home recording.  Julian’s one of tons of subject matter experts writing their hearts out on About — and they’re looking for people to join their ranks.

About is looking for a Podcasting expert and an iPod expert (as well as experts in beer, PSP, and all sorts of subjects).  Check out the list of available topics here.  If you’re in a band, it’s not a bad way to get your name out there…otherwise, it should be a lot of fun to do.







3 responses to “About.com Looking For Podcasting and iPod Experts”

  1. The Office Overlord Avatar

    That’s an awesome list of topics! Some of the enteries are a little brief, though. If you sign up for “Ruby”, are you claiming to be an expert on the gemstone, the Kenny Rogers song, or the guy who shot the guy who may or may not have shot Kennedy? What about “Python”? And just how much leeway can you get with “Weird News”–can you expense a trip to Alaska as “Yeti Research”, or are you stuck surfing eBay all day for religious images burned into baked goods? I need to know more.

  2. MikeB Avatar

    You’re totally right — it was hard to tell exactly what was expected in terms of subject matter.

    And now that you mention it, I wonder what their compensation and expensing policy is? Do you get to go nuts with free stuff in the name of ‘research’? Curious indeed…!

  3. Watch American Football Live Avatar

    burdensome, at first. But if you start applying these principles

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