About.com Lists GarageSpin as One of Top 5 Music Blogs

About.com Lists GarageSpin As One of Top 5 Music BlogsJulian McBrowne at About displays excellent taste, listing GarageSpin as one of the Top 5 Music Blogs. 😉 Also listed were Music Thing (#1), Create Digital Music (#2), Engadget (#3), and Gizmodo (#4). GarageSpin brought up the rear at #5. It is an honor to be placed among such giants. Score one for the independents! ]]>






7 responses to “About.com Lists GarageSpin as One of Top 5 Music Blogs”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    Congrats Mike!

  2. Crash Avatar

    Yeah Mike! When I finish this comment, I will perform a desktop drum solo to celebrate. Congrats!

  3. Mike Avatar

    Thanks, Ryan and Crash.

    It feels good to be recognized, and only motivates me further to complete a couple site updates I've been planning for some time. More soon… 🙂

  4. Mark Boudreau Avatar

    Hey congrats on the recognition and a great blog!

  5. Mike Avatar


    Thanks for the congrats! I’ve enjoyed reading The Rock & Roll Report as well, keep up the great work.


  6. Marc Avatar

    Good job, buddy boy!

    See you and Orchard on he 21st! We’ll restring our guitars in celebration.


  7. Mike Avatar

    Thanks, Marc!

    Psyched for the BBQ, and to finally meet.

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