A Recording Engineer's Perspective

Pro Sound Blog presents the “Rants of a recording engineer & professional drummer.” Editor Mediaguru, offers the following advice to recording engineer hopefuls: Stay away. You can’t blame him. In one post, he shows pictures of four bounced musicians’ checks he received for $5, $18, $100, and $144. Geez. (A bounced check for five bucks?) Some intersting stories here, ranging from the recording of an entire symphony at Abravanel Hall, to the “Auto-Tuning” of a tone deaf vocalist to complete a track. Fun stuff. ]]>






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  1. Giggindave Avatar

    Hey there!
    Hoping I can get some advice. I am a solo musician and I want to do some home recording on my computor but I don’t want to spend hundred and hundreds of$$ to do it. Old school 4-track guy. I just want the same thing on my computor, a couple hundred and I’m ready to roll.

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