2007: Top Songs, Bands, 'Bums

2007 top songsWell, it’s time.  Time to continue the tradition of ripping off other people’s indie 2007 top song, band and album picks for the past year.  (See 2006 top songs, bands, bums and 2005 top songs, bands, bums for blasts from the past)  Not only is it fun, it’s also a great way to get caught up on incredible music you may have missed.  Happy New Year:

  • Top 42 Songs of 2007Mp3Hugger put this great indie 2007 top songs list together, which is so far my favorite.  Loney, Dear, Montag, and Hello, Blue Roses take top honors.
  • Top 10 Indie Debut Albums of 2007 – By Berkeley Place.  It’s getting harder for new bands to make it…but some young blood always rises to the top.  Marnie Stern and Scissors for Lefty made the biggest waves.
  • 10 Best Indie Rock Songs You Didn’t Hear in 2007 – The Washington Post (huh) dug deep to put together a list of 2007 top songs you may not have heard, but should have.  Nice.
  • 20 Best Indie Albums of 2007 – A list at Suite101 of the best albums supposedly "..stripped (almost entirely) of pretentiousness and hipsterness..".  True?  You tell me.  Arcade Fire, Apparat, LCD Soundsystem, and Radiohead end up on top.
  • 2007’s Best AlbumsAmieStreet.com is an awesome source of good unsigned music with a demand-based pricing system…very cool.  I love hunting for great mp3s that cost under $0.15.  🙂  These are some of the best performers, apparently.
Are there any bands or songs you think deserve an immortal place holder in 2007?  Share.  (Until then, see you next year for "2008 Top Songs, Bands, ‘n’ ‘Bums".)






4 responses to “2007: Top Songs, Bands, 'Bums”

  1. bulut Avatar

    i think John Vanderslice could be on some of indie music fan’s list, but, noone mentioned about him. Emerald City is a superb record.

  2. garagespin Avatar

    Great call, Bulut. I’d like to add Pinback and the Rogue Waves as potential great bands in 2007. Maybe the latter more than the former.

    I was just at a party where about 5-6 new bands were recommended to me…but can’t remember a single one, darnit..!


  3. bulut Avatar

    the Rague Waves sound good. Anyway did you ever heard of “Grass Geysers Carbon Clouds”, it’s the newest Enon record. It’s sad for me, because this solid rock record didn’t include any of those top 10, top 20 lists. Enon is quite different from all those parallel indie rock bands. You should also hear Widow City by The Finery Furnaces. My #2 favorite record from 2007.


  4. garagespin Avatar

    Bulut – thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely check out Grass Geysers Carbon Clouds and the Fiery Furnaces soon…


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