2007 NAMM Show Kicks Off Today – Loads of Gear

2007 NAMM ShowThe 2007 NAMM Show kicks off today in Aneheim, CA with funky music gear galore designed to suction funds out of poor suckers like us.  Check out the coverage at Create Digital Music.

Speaking of gear, Brad created a modified version of Google search that focuses on music gear and gear reviews here; kinda cool.







2 responses to “2007 NAMM Show Kicks Off Today – Loads of Gear”

  1. Dan Dashnaw Avatar

    Thanks for the info! Just a quick heads-up though – Anaheim is in California, not FL!

  2. MikeB Avatar

    I ain’t so good at the geography, sometimes. 🙂 I’m changing the “FL” to “CA”. STAT. Maybe no one else noticed…

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