2005 USA Finals For Karaoke World Championships

USA finals for the Karaoke World Championships are today. Looking at the site, the KWCUSA resembles a lo fi, older American Idol competition that takes place in bars across the world. I hope you reserved your tickets. 😉 ]]>






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  1. Frank Davies Avatar


    I’m not sure who posted the comment I am now commenting on regarding the Karaoke World Championships, but KWCUSA does not resemble American Idol. We are nothing like them. We are about having fun and building an American team to compete in the Karaoke World Championships held each July in Heinola Finland. Our singers have placed 3rd and 4th in the world in 2004 and 2005.

    If you really want to experience the quality of KWC singers then you should attend the showcase tsunami benefit concert comming in December (8th 2005) in Bangkok Thailand, hosted by Jack in honor of the princess of Thailand (who lost her son in the tsunami.)

    And we are not limited to the bars. That too is incorrect as KWCUSA now includes divisions for the kids down to age 6. Our kid’s national finals were just held at Monarch Arts And Sculpture Park and we will be holding a benefit concert there next July 8 2006 to showcase local bands and raise funds to create an amphitheater at Monarch Park.

    National Finals for the kid’s (6-15) will be held
    again at our annual Kid’s Karaoke Kampout at Monarch Park (10 mi. south of Olympia WA USA on Waldrick rd.) August 4-6 2006. Folks are welcome to join us and sing or perform at the open mic and camp from fiday through Sunday (kid’s 15 and under camp for free with parents, and adults are charged $50 if they would like to stay camp for the three days.)

    We expect to have a top vocal coach there, and the grounds are filled with fantastic sculptures by famous modern artists.

    KWCUSA is not old, but very young, and our mission is fun, not glitz and wealth. And our sound is definitly hi-fidelity.

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