New Facebook Rap Almost Finished…

After The Social Network won a Golden Globe for best picture, I was inspired to write a rap (a first for me) from the point of view of Mark Zuckerberg, in response to the movie, the bad press, the law suits, etc etc. The poor 20-something billionaire deserves a voice, after all….so I thought I’d help with the next best thing — a phat beat.  Other song projects “Avalanche”, “In 9 Months”, and “Thank You” have since been placed on the back burner in favor of attempting to complete both a track and video for my new rap,Zuck, On Facebook“. Amazingly, despite my long-standing history of taking inordinate amounts of time to complete tracks, I’m virtually done.  All that’s left is mixing in a guest appearance by Girl Crusade in the bridge, a last-minute collaboration we recorded just last night. The mix should be completed tomorrow, and I’m hoping beyond hope to shoot and edit a basic music video as well, all by next Monday, in time for the Oscars a week later.  Is it possible?  Barely.  Wish me luck as a slave away in my attic…]]>



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  1. simon1a Avatar

    Zeitgeist… or great minds… I did a Facebook song too… linked to below… Found your page whilst looking for information about Facebook Artist page music players that would work on an ipad or mobile, as Reverbnation and Rootsmusic don't seem to, any ideas?

  2. simon1a Avatar

    The link to my Facebook song.

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