7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes

PLEASE READ:  Because you demanded it, ALL pricing, UPC/ISRC, and Digital Distribution info below is now up to date as of 3/2/2012! Any musician seriously considering digital distribution is thinking about getting their music on iTunes. iTunes controls between 60-80% of digital music sales, depending on who you ask.  Fortunately, the once impossible task is now possible through several services catering to bands and songwriters.  However, the different pricing models make the decision less than obvious. With my own first EP release approaching (at a crawl), I scouted out the various options currently available, and am posting them here for your convenience.  Check ’em out, see what you think.  (If I’m missing an option/service, let me know.)

Before Uploading Your Music to iTunes

Just a couple things to think about:
  1. Have your Music Mastered. Mastering is the process of optimizing the dynamics, EQ, and volume of a recording.  Whether you do it yourself, or have it done professionally, it’s the last tweak step to make sure your stuff is as close to commercial standards as possible.
  2. Obtain a UPC Code. To sell your music, you will need a UPC code assigned to your release.  All of the services listed below can do this for you if you haven’t already; some charge a fee, some don’t.  (I include that info below.)  You will also need an ISRC, but that’s even easier — all the services below will create one for you for free.
  3. Choose a pricing model. Different combinations of setup fees, flat fees, and commission fees are offered.  If your music is less widely recognized, a commission fee structure may make more sense; if you expect to sell a lot, a flat fee structure with 0% commission may make more sense for you.
  4. Choose a service that meets your needs. Some of the services below may offer other tools and perks you’re looking for.  For the sake of convenience, pick a service that gives you the most for your money.

7 Music Services That Can Get Your Music on iTunes

Here are 7 music services, in alphabetical order (lest you think I have a favorite), that offer bands a way to get their music on iTunes.  The pricing models and packages are all different, as are the variety of core and ancillary services that each company offers.  In this post, I am only comparing pricing options; you’ll want to do deeper research on your own (and I may write a follow-up post with a deeper dive). Hopefully, this list will help you make your decision.

CD Baby and iTunes

CD Baby

  • Whole Album
    • Setup fee: $35 $49 to process a CD for CD Baby’s services
    • Digital distribution setup is included
    • Commission Fee:  9% royalties from iTunes sales
  • Single Track
    • $9.95 per single
    • Commission Fee:  9% royalties from iTunes sales
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC is $20 for album, $5 for single
  • ISRC is free
Digital Distribution Included:
  • iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Napster, Verizon V-Cast, Google Music, MySpace Music, Spotify, Simfy, Nokia, Last.FM, Zune, MediaNet (MusicNet), Tradebit, GreatIndieMusic, 24-7, 7 Digital, Myxer, MOG, Heart Radio, Deezer, Liquid Digital Media, PayPlay, AudioLunchbox, GroupieTunes, Ruckus,

Ditto Music

  • Whole Album
    • iTunes distribution is free
    • No commission fees; artist gets 100% royalties
    • $35 per album per year (for selection of “key” stores)
    • Alternatively:  “55c per track per store…and yearly subscription of $8 for a single and $22 for an album” (I don’t quite get that either…)
  • Single Track
    • iTunes distribution is free
    • No commission fees; artist gets 100% royalties
    • $9.00 per single (for selection of key stores)
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC is free
  • ISRC is free
Digital Distribution Included: iTunes, Google Music, Amazon On Demand, AmazonMp3, Rhapsody, Myspace Music, Medianet, 7Digital, Tunetribe, Tuneplay, Spotify, Rdio, Muve Music, We7, iHeartRadio, Sony Qriocity, Simfy, Grooveshark, Deezer, mFlow, Zvooq, AT&T, WiMP, Nokia, Eircom, eMusic, Beatport, Tuneplay, Amalgam Digital, Juno, Track It Down, Audio Jelly, Dance Tunes, FargoTube, Basepiont Media, 121 Music, Beezik Musicadium and iTunes

Musicadium (Acquired by ValleyArm.com)

  • For each “release” (single, EP or album):
    • Distribution fee to one outlet  $39 AUD (~$25 US)
    • Distribution fee to two outlets  $69 AUD (~$44 US)
    • Distribution fee to three outlets  $79 AUD (~$51 US)
    • Annual renewal fee  $20 AUD (~$13 US)
  • Commission fee: None, artist gets 100% royalties
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC is $39 AUD (~$25 US)
  • ISRC is free
Digital Distribution Included:
  • iTunes, eMusic, Amazon
Nimbit and iTunes


  • For NimbitFree (Nimbit’s free service):
    • $15/album setup fee
    • 20% commission fee
  • For Paid Nimbit Members ($9.95 $12.95/month):
    • No commission fees; artist gets 100% royalties.
    • Whole album or single track
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC and ISRC are both free
Digital Distribution:
  • iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, AmazonMP3 CDFreedom, LiveWire, Groupie Tunes,
ReverbNation and iTunes


  • Setup fee: $34.95 (Essentials Plan)
  • Setup fee: $59.95 (Pro Plan)
  • No commission fees; artist gets 100% royalties
  • A single track release is priced as an “album”
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC and ISRC are both free
Digital Distribution:
  • iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, Google Music, Spotify, Last.fm, Zune (Musiwave), Myspace Music, Medianet (Tesco, La Curacao, Synacor, WaTunes, plalist.com, MOG, Myxer, Secure Media), 24-7 Entertainment, 7 Digital, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Mega, Deezer, Simfy, Thumbplay OTA, Guvera, Aspiro, Nielson Soundscan, We7, Puretracks, Nokia, Rdio
SongCast and iTunes


  • Setup Fee: $19.99 $19.00 per album; $9.99 per single
  • Monthly Subscription Fee: $5.99 per month
  • No commission fees; artist gets 100% royalties
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC and ISRC are both free
Digital Distribution Included:
  • iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3, Emusic, Google Music, Spotify, MediaNet
Tunecore and iTunes


  • Single Track:
    • $9.99 per year
    • $9.99 for ONE song (one time charge)
    • $9.99 per single maintenance and storage (per year)
  • Whole Album:
    • $49 per year
    • $0.99 per song (one time charge)
    • $0.99 per store per album (one time charge)
    • $19.98 per album maintenance and storage (per year)
UPC & ISRC Codes:
  • UPC and ISRC are both free
Digital Distribution:
  • iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, MediaNet (x-MusicNet), eMusic, AmazonMP3, Amazon On Demand, Google Music, Nokia, Spotify, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Zune, Nokia, Vervelife, Sony Connect, GroupieTunes, Lala, ShockHound, Amie Street
the orchard itunes

The Orchard

Pricing information not included on website.  Service geared towards labels, and not DIY musicians/bands.  I’d stick with one of the services above, unless you’re a label-ite.

Other Ways to Distribute Music Digitally?

This post focused on iTunes distribution and pricing only. There’s also the matter of other retailers, merchandise, selling music from your own site, etc. What music service(s) or widget(s) do you use to distribute your music digitally? What do you think is important in a digital music distribution service?]]>



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579 responses to “7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes”

  1. Peter Wells Avatar

    Not a bad summary, thanks. But there's hidden things to look at with all stores: be sure to check for EXCLUSIVITY–do any of these stores lock you into a contract or minimum term? Also, do your homework, how is the quality of service? Do people complain of bad customer support? Established companies that have been around a while will have a lot more complaints, of course, but they've serviced tens of thousands of happy customers, so consider the percentages.

    One piece of advice: if you intend to sell more than a few units, consider a distributor that doesn't take a percentage. There's nothing wrong with wanting to sell only a few, not everyone's idea of success is the same: if you just want to be in iTunes and AmazonMP3 and a few stores, sell some albums, have a hobby, great! But if you plan on making serious sales, a percentage–taken forever, without cap–may not be your best choice. Go with a service that charges a single, fair up-front price that's manageable, like TuneCore (okay, I'm biased, but I did co-found the company!).

    Thanks for the mention.


    1. derek simmons Avatar
      derek simmons

      i have been with tunecore for years and i agree with you on that, i have also been on all of the other sites, and guess where i laid my head….you rock !!!!

    2. Dave R. Avatar
      Dave R.

      Thanks Peter,
      I appreciate your candor…. I actually just spoke to one of your people. She was outstanding at customer service. Everthing seems great. Hope to do business in a few weeks. Dave

    3. barefootbride Avatar

      this is a fantastic blog and very informative. Thanks for writing it. For what its worth we're a band from CA and have dealt with almost every company mentioned on this blog. Tunecore, Cdbaby and reverbnation. After distributing tunes with all we found http://www.jmddistribution.com
      first off, they distribute through major label channels thus reach way more retailers while the others reach a handful (i think about 20 or 30). Tunecore also has affiliation with "majors" but all that does is fwd you back to their system and page for distribution. For example "interscope digital". my guess is interscope takes a cut of all sales while play no role. They claim "Interscope A&R listens to it". this is absolutely bogus. Being a band in LA, we've encountered many A&R guys and I have a close friend high ranked at Interscope who clearly stated they have no interest nor the man power to listen to every distributed project. More importantly, they're releasing artists because of poor sales.
      Bottom line Tunecore charges yearly fees and they're too vested in to part ways from that business model. CDbaby is the same though they claim percentage of your sales. http://www.jmddistribution.com gives back 100% with no additional yearly or monthly fees. They also cost the least for their services.. .Hope this helps reduce artists research time

      1. Christine Avatar

        Hi barefoot, hope you get this somehow! I'm an artist as well frustrated by this digital distribution mess! Thanks for your post about jmd and I'll check it out! If you have any other tips or help, I'd really appreciate it as I'm straddling the line of semi-professional musician who has had some success (who is actually relocating to LA from NY) and know there are a lot of hoops to jump through out there.


        1. @JTVDigital Avatar

          Please opt-in on our website http://www.jtvdigital.com, we can offer very competitive pricing conditions to the artists we select.
          Best regards,

    4. Jeff Grosser Avatar
      Jeff Grosser

      Hi Peter – I'm trying to create an account but the site freezes up when I try to move past the "create account" arrow!

  2. Taylor Davidson Avatar

    Besides the pricing, how do they compare in complete distribution (in addition to iTunes), ease of use, etc?

    1. garagespin Avatar

      Excellent subject matter for a follow-up post! 🙂 Actually, I already started collecting additional information to compare 360 degree services offered by "all-in-one" services like some of the ones mentioned above. It may be too much for a single post, so I may break up components of such analysis into multiple section, much like I did "iTunes Distribution Pricing" here. We'll see… Thanks.

  3. Tony van veen Avatar

    The services above are all good, reputable companies. There's another hidden cost, however, and that's the annual storage fee that several companies, including Tunecore and ReverbNation charge. This can range from $20 to $70 a year, so just make sure you know what you'll end up paying on an ongoing basis.

    One advantage of CD Baby is that in addition to providing download sales through the largest number of partners of any of the companies mentioned above, we're also the only true retail store — and the largest independent music store online at that, with over 100,000 unique visitors a day. And we carry and sell physical CDs in addition to selling downloads, which is a big plus to artists, since CD sales still make up a significant chunk of music revenues today.


    1. garagespin Avatar

      Thanks for commenting, Tony, and great points. (I'll try to add those data points later this week.) There's no question that CD Baby's critically massive audience is a necessary benefit to consider. For example, I definitely plan to sell my upcoming release on CD Baby…with distribution being a free added option, I may very well consider the added service, though the 9% commission fee isn't very appealing. However, for convenience' s sake, for for simplicity's sake (managing all sales through a single dashboard), it's appealing in other ways.


      1. Tony van Veen Avatar

        Yeah, I've heard that one before. But the fact is, you pay something for the service all these companies provide whichever way you go. The advantage of 9% is that you pay as you go. It's a tiny sliver of your revenues, and your sales subsidize the fee. As your sales slow down after year 1, we'll never kick you off our service. If you sell $20 worth of downloads one year, we only take $1.80 that year. Some of the other guys will still want their $20 fee, and they'll kick you off their service (and remove you from iTunes, amazon, et al if you don't pay the annual fee (which can amount to more than the sales revenues you generate for a title in a year).

        1. GarageSpin Avatar

          Nice point. I hadn't really thought of the 5-years-down-the-line point of view, where I'd still want my albums available for sale (for bragging rights, at least!), but wouldn't want to continue paying a hosting fee. Yeah another point to weigh in…

        2. Daniela Avatar

          Is there an annual Storage fee at CD Baby?

    2. Steve Avatar

      I was on CD baby and it's very 'busy' – I didn't see any simple info about getting music onto iTunes, it needs an easily accessed FAQ.

    3. derek simmons Avatar
      derek simmons

      agreed….like this site as well

  4. Girl Crusade Avatar

    This is such great info! Esp when you don't know where to start–thank you!!!!!!!!

    1. garagespin Avatar

      Any time, Girl Crusade. I'm happy to share anything I can while I learn these things myself… 🙂

  5. garagespin Avatar

    Peter, thanks for commenting, and especially for the additional points to consider when choosing a distribution partner. Admittedly, this post was purely a comparison based on price, because, quite honestly, it was some of the easiest information to collect. 🙂 But everything you state is right on — there are a whole slew of factors to consider beyond what I included below…it was simply too much to include in a single post.

    Customer service, pricing, ancillary services, etc, are all critical factors to be considered. Personally with regards to pricing model, I agree with you — a flat upfront fee makes the most sense if you're planning or hoping to achieve successful sales in the future. (One should always plan for success!) Everything I've heard from TuneCore customers has been positive, so TuneCore is a solid bet for a partner.

    Perhaps I'll do a follow-up post with a deeper dive in the future… 🙂

  6. Kevin Ebaugh Avatar

    This is a great post with a bunch of great companies distributing to iTunes. One thing that Nimbit offers that others don't is the ability for the artist (and their fans) to sell from their website, Myspace, Facebook page, and wherever else they can embed Flash, while retaining all of their fans' information. Demographics on who is buying your music is key, and iTunes offers their zip code at best, and even that is at a premium.

    iTunes is certainly the leader in digital music sales right now, which is why we are seeing so many places distributing to them. However, fans do not go there to discover new music or create a relationship with the artist. With our OMT, Skin, and download cards, Nimbit provides tools to sell to the fan at every impression, through every avenue. The key is reaching the fan when they are most pumped about the music and their connection the artist, and that is what Nimbit is all about.

    I look forward to following this blog, good stuff. Thanks for the mention!

    Kevin Ebaugh

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Kevin. Nimbit's music store functionality is pretty impressive, both the widget version and the full page version. If I could change one thing, it would be the service's name. 😉 But otherwise, I've been really impressed by your offering. Looking forward to future developments…

  7. Jed Carlson Avatar

    Wow, everyone showed up to defend their companies and offerings. That is a HUGE statement about your blog, sir. Kudos.

    So here I go…

    There are many great ways to get music digitally distributed without a label. Many of these companies offer fantastic opportunities, and if I were an Artist, I would check them ALL out. But while these opportunities differ in terms of pennies or even dollars per year, the biggest variable on profitability for Artists ISN'T how much it costs (the costs are all very close). Its about GROWING the top line of revenue. If you sell only one additional album per year because of one of these services, it probably offsets the costs of any of them compared to the other.

    As a result of that fact, Artists should be thinking about which service will help them the most on the revenue side of the equation. Once you are on iTunes, how do you drive people to buy the music?

    <here comes the shameless pitch>
    ReverbNation provides a myriad of tools that can help Artists grow their fan base, deepen the relationship with them, and convert them from 'fans' into 'customers', whether at MySpace, Facebook, or the Artist's homepage. And this is the key differentiator for us. We are a Fan Relationship Management company. We help Artists move their fans down the funnel from 'casual listener' to 'fan', to 'customer' with state of the art tools and best practices baked into the offerings.

    We charge a simple $34.95/year to have your music posted at the 5 largest retailers (95% market share on downloads). You can have as many songs as you want in your release, and we never take a cut of your sales. In other words, we are as competitive as anybody on cost. But that is just a means to an end.

    ReverbNation's Digital Distribution offering is just one small part in the overall 'profit' system we provide for Artists. Granted, its an important part. But the pricing provided by any of these offerings is a relatively insignificant part of the equation when compared to the revenue side. I would submit that the decision point for an Artist shouldn't be about the price of the distribution offering, it should be about how their partner can help them grow their popularity and drive additional sales.

    Some of the companies above do this to different extents, and I am taking nothing away from them (every Artist should check them all out). I am only arguing that the evaluation metric for most Artists should be on the revenue generation side, not the cost side. Everyone on the list above is basically in the same boat on cost, and at the end of the day revenue will be the driving factor when it comes to success.

    Jed Carlson
    Co-Founder, COO, ReverbNation.com

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Jed, thanks for your thoughts. Great point here: "…the evaluation metric for most Artists should be on the revenue generation side, not the cost side." 100% true. The suite of tools and ancillary services are key…and of course, promotion is key. If an artist fails at promotion, he/she won't generate sales, and an iTunes presence will be akin to a tree falling in an empty forest…. (i.e. if noone hears it, it's not really making a sound, etc etc.)

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. wagabou Avatar

      What I think is a certain drawback with Reverbnation is the fact the storage size of each song is limited to only 8MB. This might be fine for mp3 files in 128kBps but nowadays 256kBps or above are commonly used to provide a better quality so one will exceed the 8MB limit fairly easy. According to this the upgrade option to 25MB per song for 2$95/month or 29$95 should be mentionend more prominently and be considered by potential customers.

      1. Belinda Saige Avatar

        I agree Wagabou – my songs are all above the max storage size. What about other distributors?

    3. Kenny Prime Avatar
      Kenny Prime

      Nice one Carlson, you really got me, and I know you 've got many of us out here too
      but thats the problem cos you might not be able to control the crowd coming your door.
      Anyway, you are my kind of guy so I choose you.

    4. Meg Avatar

      This was a great pool of information.. As it had been mentioned in one of the posts here, that ReverbNation incurrs an annual storage fee.. Could you please give a comment on that?

      1. GarageSpin Avatar

        It's true. ReverbNation's flat fee is a yearly, annual, reoccurring
        fee. I.e. you pay $30 every year (or $50 for the “pro” package). See
        the FAQs here:

    5. matt hall Avatar


      reverb nation is the best!!

    6. Tony Avatar

      Your model is great and I use it on several levels.
      HOWEVER … your choice of CD manufacturing
      and marketing (AudioLife) I think is a very poor
      choice and others would agree with me on this.
      Their service is poor and their quality control
      even worse. You should really consider stepping
      up to a better company for this. 😉

    7. Andrew Avatar

      Jed, what you don't tell people is that you also only give the option of getting paid for your music by paypal..and then paypal f*cks you out of ANOTHER percentage.. that reason is why I chose NOT to go with reverb nation. If this changes let me know.

    8. Barefootbride Avatar

      this is a fantastic blog and very informative. Thanks for writing it. For what its worth we're a band from CA and have dealt with almost every company mentioned on this blog. Tunecore, Cdbaby and reverbnation. After distributing tunes with all we found http://www.jmddistribution.com
      first off, they distribute through major label channels thus reach way more retailers while the others reach a handful (i think about 20 or 30). Tunecore also has affiliation with "majors" but all that does is fwd you back to their system and page for distribution. For example "interscope digital". my guess is interscope takes a cut of all sales while play no role. They claim "Interscope A&R listens to it". this is absolutely bogus. Being a band in LA, we've encountered many A&R guys and I have a close friend high ranked at Interscope who clearly stated they have no interest nor the man power to listen to every distributed project. More importantly, they're releasing artists because of poor sales.
      Bottom line Tunecore charges yearly fees and they're too vested in to part ways from that business model. CDbaby is the same though they claim percentage of your sales. http://www.jmddistribution.com gives back 100% with no additional yearly or monthly fees. They also cost the least for their services.. .Hope this helps reduce artists research time

      1. shana Avatar

        Hi. so any thoughts on reverbnation since you said youve used them. What about UPC and IRSC do they help you set that up for free.

        1. GarageSpin Avatar

          Hi Shana: Just to clarify, I use their player widgets. I haven't actually paid for any of their services yet. (That said, I might — I'm shopping now, and will select an iTunes vendor soon.)

  8. Eric Avatar

    So which one are you going to use?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Great question. I reserve the right to answer until _after_ I've actually finished my LP. 🙂 (After all, pricing models, feature sets, and user bases change monthly, and my LP is at least 3-4 months away from completion…) That said, I'll be sure to share my decision when I make it.

    2. Ima weener Avatar
      Ima weener

      You're ok.

  9. […] ReverbNation (Jed Carlson), CD Baby (Tony van veen), and TuneCore (Peter Wells)  in the post 7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes, and happened to notice this Google ad on the page for Amazon’s music service, […]

  10. matt shamus Avatar

    First of all, I echo Jed’s comment that ALL THESE SERVICES SHOULD BE EXPLORED. After all, everyone’s after the same goal – empowering the indie artist. We all just have slightly different ways of doing that. DiscRevolt’s “DMC” is our newest product – a fully customized widget that sits on the artist’s site and allows the fan to redeem download cards and purchase music and allows the artist to collect (whatever) data they want from the fan. You drive fan traffic to your site and build YOUR brand, not the iTunes brand. This is not you driving fans to your site, then redirecting them to your paypal store. This is YOUR CUSTOMIZED STORE.

    We don’t distribute to iTunes or any other online stores, so we’re not a competitor to the services above in that sense, and that’s kind of a critical point. The DMC can and should be used in conjunction with one or more of the services cited above. We focus on helping artists distribute their music through THEIR stores. As Jed mentioned, it’s not about cost, but about maximizing your opportunities for revenue. That being said, consumer behavior isn’t always rational, so we’re trying to make it a no-brainer to use the DMC as part of your marketing/distribution strategy by offering no exclusivity, no hidden fees, no storage costs and the ability to distribute your music DIRECTLY TO YOUR FANS.

    Did I mention the DMC is FREE for any and all artists?

    Check out and example of a DMC:
    (Click on “Pre-order now from DiscRevolt”)



  11. matt shamus Avatar
    matt shamus

    First of all, I echo Jed’s comment that ALL THESE SERVICES SHOULD BE EXPLORED. After all, everyone’s after the same goal – empowering the indie artist. We all just have slightly different ways of doing that. DiscRevolt’s “DMC” is our newest product – a fully customized widget that sits on the artist’s site and allows the fan to redeem download cards and purchase music and allows the artist to collect (whatever) data they want from the fan. You drive fan traffic to your site and build YOUR brand, not the iTunes brand. This is not you driving fans to your site, then redirecting them to your paypal store. This is YOUR CUSTOMIZED STORE.

    We don’t distribute to iTunes or any other online stores, so we’re not a competitor to the services above in that sense, and that’s kind of a critical point. The DMC can and should be used in conjunction with one or more of the services cited above. We focus on helping artists distribute their music through THEIR stores. As Jed mentioned, it’s not about cost, but about maximizing your opportunities for revenue. That being said, consumer behavior isn’t always rational, so we’re trying to make it a no-brainer to use the DMC as part of your marketing/distribution strategy by offering no exclusivity, no hidden fees, no storage costs and the ability to distribute your music DIRECTLY TO YOUR FANS.

    Did I mention the DMC is FREE for any and all artists?

    Check out and example of a DMC:
    (Click on “Pre-order now from DiscRevolt”)


    1. Doc Quinn Avatar

      Good input Matt, Thanks!

      But . . You said . . "Did I mention the DMC is FREE for any and all artists?"

      Yes you did but I read where it's free after you spend $199.00 for 250 cards.

      I'm sure it was most likely free when you joined but today . . . .

      Even a page without cards is $99.00

      See . .


      Still, it may well be worth it but it's NOT FREE !

      Just some findings.



  12. Tony van Veen Avatar

    Hey, since I wear 2 hats, we can help you with making discs (http://discmakers.com) and selling them thru CD Baby. What could be sweeter than that (or easier)?

      1. GarageSpin Avatar

        Thanks, Kevin. Clearly, I have more research ahead… 🙂 I may need to write a "CD" post, a "widget" post, a "merch" post, and an "online store" post. 🙂

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      That's good to know — Discmakers is a great service. CD manufacturing is easily worth 2-3 posts for discussiong..!

  13. Kevin Ebaugh Avatar

    Agreed, or even a post for each of these companies participating in the discussion!

  14. Lthrboots Avatar

    I use CDBaby and have had no problems at all…and have actually sold physical CDs as well, so CDBaby is perfect for my needs, and very affordable.

    1. kirk brown Avatar

      di next generation production want to sell cd with cd babyon itune

  15. Rocky Avatar

    Has anyone used http://www.ourtracks.com ?
    Would someone with more knowledge check it out and post an opinion?
    I know the obvious….not on Itunes…but for a start up artist looking for a place to sell songs online,
    What are the hidden problems?

  16. stephanie rosenblatt Avatar

    Hi everyone,
    The Cosmic Mom here which means I need lots of help in navigating these waters. Here's what I have to sell: 15 progressive tai chi lessons and 1 seated deep relaxation. I'm selling DVDs on amazon and my website. Looking for the best pick to find interested customers.
    Thanks and check out my zonky, wellness blog below.

  17. stephanie rosenblatt Avatar

    Hi everyone,
    The Cosmic Mom here which means I need lots of help in navigating these waters. Here's what I have to sell: 15 progressive tai chi lessons and 1 seated deep relaxation. I'm selling DVDs on amazon and my website. Looking for the best pick to find interested customers.
    Thanks and check out my zonky, wellness blog: http://momscosmicdiner.blogspot.com

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  19. Elijah Avatar

    what's best? :low price 100%royalties ect

    1. Van Avatar

      Getting 100% royalties is a bit of a scam. It's kinda like dangling the smell of a carrot in front of you, a carrot that doesn't exist. You see, since you will not be licensing these songs to film, radio, or t.v. there will not be any royalties. I noticed that on all of them too. They are just capitalizing on the fact that a newcomer is less likely to understand licensing so you see 100% and you think you are getting all of your money…lol

  20. Elijah Avatar

    I think revernation and tunecore is ok.
    What do you sugguest?

    1. Wower Avatar

      Reverbnation sucks with their renewal fees and cancellation fee.I suggest Tunecore,CDbaby,Mondotunes,imusiciandigital and Recordunion

  21. Gabe Avatar

    Nimbit seems nice, but the get 20%. IT's pretty much.

  22. SusieB Avatar

    We used http://www.dittomusic.com for all three of our releases.
    They upload you to iTunes and Spotify FREE of charge, cover over 700 stores and get you up in half the time of tunecore.
    They can also make you chart eligible and collect airplay royalties.
    Tunecore take too long and have no coverage, they also dont cover Spotify which is a Major player in the download market.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Susie. I need to add them, RouteNote, and WaTunes to this list…either as an update, or a follow-up post.

    2. magniaboyo Avatar

      Dittomusic is slow.It can take them more than 2 months for your album to appear on itunes.They do not open you an account.You have to pay every month without having your album in stores. It is not a safe place to distribute music.How can you pay for your music without having an account? Tunecore is the best but they do not have enough stores.

    3. Martin Avatar

      They don't have over 700 stores. thats false.

  23. Atom Cruise Avatar

    Most of the digital distributors have also a take down fee if you will decide for any reason to stop distributing your music through them.

  24. Pablo Avatar

    I'm glad that such a rich kind discussion can take place here. It brings me good vibes about ALL companies. This is the most productive post I've seen in years.
    I congratulate those who spoken in behalf of the companies.
    Thank you!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Totally agree. It's great to see such an open forum in full swing…which is exactly what the internets are all about.

      1. Tokyogodfather Avatar

        Indeed. Your post is a rare example of the net at its best. Kudos to you and to the companies for being fair, civil, and honest.

  25. LibraClassic Avatar

    This is absolutely great information – and I love how the reps are simply hemorrhaging hidden information in the interest of increasing clientele, lol. Perfect. Bookmarked.

    1. Kevin Ebaugh Avatar

      Heck yeah man, everyone should have this bookmarked. This has been a great forum for reference. Thanks again Mike!

      1. GarageSpin Avatar

        Any time, thanks Kevin. 🙂

    2. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks, Libra, I'm incredibly psyched that this post has proved to be useful to so many musicians and songwriters. Awesome stuff.

  26. Jay Avatar

    This is the best collaboration of information one could ask for. My only opinion is that if you are an artist, do whatever it takes to get your name out there, hence using every one of these options. You can never do enough. So, it really does not matter if you are going crazy worried you might choose the wrong one, pick them all. You cannot lose!! Good luck and keep playing!!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Jay: I agree, in reference to different social distribution networks — get everywhere you can. However, as far as the technicality of getting your music in iTunes, you should only (and can only) have the same song exist there once. So if you get your music into iTunes using one of the sites above, you probably shouldn't make a redundant effort (unless you pull the first set of music down). Just a technicality. 😉

  27. Kevin Rivers Avatar

    Hey GarageSpin,

    Excellent post. It's great to see more companies offering different solutions. This gives musicians and labels different alternatives. I'd like to personally invite you to visit WaTunes as it is the world's first freemium digital distribution service. Enabling artist and labels to sell their music on iTunes, eMusic, and ShockHound entirely free while keep 100% of your royalties. Another cool point is that WaTunes also has a premium service for just $29.95 a year which gets your music into even more music stores.

    Recently, we've just announced that we'll be offering the first ever iTunes Daily Trending Reports for $1.99. This enables both free and VIP users to see how their sales are doing in iTunes on day-to-day basis. If you have any questions (regarding press, company details, 1-on-1 interview with me, etc.) feel free to drop us a line at: press@watunes.com. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    Kevin Rivers
    CEO, WaTunes

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Hi Kevin — thanks for sharing WaTunes' service description, as well as an update regarding the daily trending report. I'll need to add your company to the list above soon, when I can find the time… 🙂

    2. Sam Avatar

      if you’re interested in getting your work distributed to over 500 distributors, while keeping your rights, visit http://www.MondoTunes.com. it's the least expensive and they just launched a new platform for their website.

  28. steven lewis Avatar
    steven lewis

    I have a upc code so how do we from there?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Steven: Where do you want to go? If you're looking to sell music on iTunes, you're good to go with any one of the services above. You just won't need to use their UPC code creation service.

  29. jette Avatar

    Do any of these services set up agreements to pay royalties to the publisher of the song if you're doing a cover arrangment? Or do you have to do that yourself?

    1. Kevin Ebaugh Avatar

      Hey Jette-

      Nimbit enables multiple payees on a per-product basis. For example, you could have 20% of a certain album going to your manager, or any other percentage to anyone. Then when we payout, we'll cut everyone a check.

    2. Stan Ruffo Avatar
      Stan Ruffo

      I'm using a service called MySongStore.com…They do exactly what you ask!

    3. Robin Avatar

      If you are recording a cover arrangement of a song you didn't write you should obtain a mechanical license from the publisher or songwriter prior to recording it. This allows you to record it and sell it. The Publisher/Writer issues you a mechanical license and receives mechanical royalties from you.

  30. Rob Page Avatar

    There's also awal.com

    1. Sam Avatar

      if you’re interested in getting your work distributed, while keeping your rights, visit http://www.MondoTunes.com. it's the least expensive and they just launched a new platform for their website.

  31. Rob Page Avatar
    Rob Page

    Anybody have any thoughts about video distribution? I have a slew of short comedy/parody workout videos to distribute.

    1. Tom Avatar

      yes, we also have some indy movies that need digital distribution, any leads? we are already selling on Amazon via create space.

    2. Sam Avatar

      Hey, MondoTunes.com takes care of videos and music, we have great customer service too, and we can have your workout parodies ready for the world to see!

      Check it out, It's the best bang for your buck.

    3. Sam Avatar

      Hey, if you’re looking to sell videos and music at the lowest price with the best customer service, visit http://www.MondoTunes.com

  32. Carron Avatar

    It's all so new to me. I'm attempting to help my son figure out what steps to take. This site made me realize we don't have a clue where to start. My son plays guitar and writes his own songs. He has been on myspace music for 3 1/2 months and has over 34,000 views already. We have copyrighted some of his songs and have more that need done. Other than step 1, mastering his music, all of this above sounds like a foreign language to me. I thought I only had to contact itunes only to get him up and running! Can anyone point me in a direction to learn some basic things so my head won't swim!?!?

    1. bocipherus Avatar

      start a record label first so you will have a name to sell from and choose a couple of services
      at a time in case one falls through cuz of internet viruses then research the music writers guild to find a manager that can sell the music to interested artists or start a website of your own to sell the music . remember advertising is key you must spend to make the dough. importantly enough, the less you sell for the more sales you get creating a higher revenue.
      Music must be written by certain amount of bars per verse and hook wether an 8 12 or 16 bar set of notes, this is important.

      1. Sam Avatar

        Hey, if you’re looking to sell at the lowest price with the best customer service, check out http://www.MondoTunes.com

    2. Guest Avatar

      Yeah, head to cdbaby join them and they'll get your sons music on iTunes

    3. Kevin Debrock Avatar

      Hi, I don´t know if you know already what mastering is and if you'll return to see this post but…
      Mastering is the art of making your musical product fit for broadcast over differtent kinds of media.. television, radio, hifi , etc… And if I say mastering is an art? It really is! A good mastering engineer can make a vocal sound a lot better or better said, he will put every musical instrument sonically in its right place.
      You could say that mastering is the step after recording and mixing in a studio. Then comes the mastering studio with the finishing touches. But I repeat, it is an art…
      so look for an artist!… Greetings a Songwriter http://www.KevinDebrock.com

    4. Sam Avatar

      Hey Donald, I hope this message isn't too late, but the best site to maintain publishing rights, receive 100 percent royalties and get your material out to over 500 distributors is MondoTunes.com. I just started using them and the customer service is personal and they had my songs released on the day i wanted too.

    5. Lisa Chase Avatar
      Lisa Chase

      From a publicity/management perspective, I'd love to hear what you guys are working with, you can message me on my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theycallmechase and see who I've worked with if you're interested in talking. 🙂

  33. Chad Marvin Avatar

    I'm on CDbaby but I'm not getting many sales. How can I drive people to buy physical CDs through CDbaby and or digital downloads through them. I'm on about 23 different digital download retailers through CDbaby and yet…not many sales. Ideas?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Everyone I've talked to that's on CdBaby doesnt sell much, if anything. Could be a testament (sp?) to their company, or could be about the artists music and [lack of] fan base. It would be nice offered marketing/advertising package along with distribution.

      If there are any reps out there that can offer: iTunes, Amazon, etc distribution along with some kind of 'push' plan to market better, I'm interested!

      It would also be nice if a company had a nice, neat little package to take care of retailers like Walmart as well. ** If I could find a company like this I wouldnt mind paying a higher flat rate fee ***

      Chris Gilroy

      1. David Avatar

        Hi Chris. Did you ever get any feedback on this? The promotion end of town is one of the toughest areas to walk through.

  34. Agamoth Avatar

    Hail to thee I am anindependent artist, i produce and sell my own and several other bands music and i have my own company, no big labels nor major record deals, I am DIY. SO i appreciate this forum and such explanation, but i have also few questions:
    1) I found one of my records being uploaded on Itunes, obviously without my permession how do i sort such thing out?
    2) is there anychance i could pay any company i will choose, using paypal, instead of a debit or credit card?
    3) cani link any of the company to my: blogs, bulletins, sites and profiles? how does that work (sorry it wasn't clearly explained)?
    4) can i use the one company logo (that i will choose) on paper magazines/webzines adverts (i.e. Metal Hammer – Terrorizer – Rock Sound – Kerrang and so forth…)?

    Looking forward to hear from you as i need to step in the digital market as well ASAP.

    Bottom line: i need to sell and earn enough money for my up coming tour, carry on with the promotional campaign, and obviously pay back advanced money… so i need to invest to gain a bigger revenue!

    Rocking Regards




  35. kriskris Avatar

    so on the takedown process. If you decide to back out of the digi distribution, what are the consequences? It is hard to read the fine print unless you sign up on these things.
    I want to know the dangers.

  36. berta12 Avatar

    hello! do i need to have a label or publisher to sell music via i tunes or tune core

    1. Kevin Ebaugh Avatar

      Hello! No you do not, you can be your own label and publisher.

      Kevin Ebaugh

  37. Michael Clark Avatar

    We are a UK band. I noticed there was an iTunes USA and an iTunes Japan. Is there an iTunes UK and if so how can we make sure our material is on that site?

    Which of the above is the best for this?

  38. Ian Avatar

    If you want to get wider distribution you are better off looking at http://www.dittomusic.com They handle sites like Spotify , we7, play , as well as 700 stores including all the ones tunecore do.
    They are a lot cheaper too.

  39. […] need to decide upfront how best to price your music and deal with commissions and fees.  Here is a good guide that provides some details on getting started […]

  40. Dari Avatar

    I would sure like to know which one of these companies is most technologically savvy & dependable. There is nothing worse than a site that takes hours to download music. Terrible for business. I don't mind paying the large fees if it means great customer service & top quality presentation. Unfortunately it seems you have to drink the wine to know if it's poisonous or not with all of these companies. Each one displays great selling points, but which ones run the most efficiently? In regards to downloads & web access, internationally. Anyone with past or present experience in dealing with one of these companies?

  41. YODY Avatar

    Iam very talented singer,, i got like 3.000.000 in youtube i need nice company to sell my cd
    contact me pls

  42. Vegita Avatar

    What would happen if somebody ever tries to sell somebody's else music on these webs, specifically underground music that few people recognize? Will the owner or producer know?

  43. Lori Avatar

    Question for anyone with the answer. I am a writer/singer who has never recorded beyond a demo. My father who has stage 4 cancer has always wanted me to record. Well, now is the time because time is running out for him. I don’t have resources to go into a studio. I’ve been playing around on garage band. It’s pretty simple acoustic and vocals. What’s the chance that I can pull this off in garage band with enough quality? It’s something I have to find a way to do before he’s gone. Thanks for any comments.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Great question, it should be. There have actually been about 5-6 other sites mentioned in the comments here. I'm a new dad in a new home, and a little swamped…hopefully, I'll be able to catch up some time soon. 🙂

  44. Frenchie Avatar

    This is a very enlightening site, I will say! Very informative! But I have a question if anyone can help… I'm assuming besides the usp codes etc. that the online distribution provider will take care of, as far as the pre-distribution (i.e. publishing, etc.) how does that come into play when working with an online distribution co.? So say that I have my songs down on CD, I'm an Independent etc. by working with the online distributors, I'm not having sign over any publishing rights, correct? I can just copyright my music, get it down on CD, become my own publisher and then as far as distribution is where the online dist co.'s come in, right?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Frenchie: That correct, the rights are yours to keep in most cases. Be sure to read through each site's Terms and Conditions to be sure that's the case — don't sign anything blind.

  45. Paula Marie Avatar

    How do you turn off the annoying music playing when you come onto this site?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Hit the "pause/stop" button in the audio player at the top right corner of this page. (That's my annoying music playing, sorry.) 🙂

      1. David Avatar

        Each to their own which is totally cool. I chose not to turn it off. Very nice for me.

        1. GarageSpin Avatar

          Thanks, David! 🙂

      2. Kemosabe Avatar

        For what its worth I quite liked the music. Cheers,
        from Kemosabe.

        1. GarageSpin Avatar

          Thanks, Kemosabe!

          1. Tumbleweed Avatar

            I ALLWAYS turn off the music immediately if it loads automatically. Read these posts so I got curious and turned it back on. Nice!!! I'm gonna leave it on. You GO!! You Rock!

          2. GarageSpin Avatar

            Thanks, Tumbleweed!!

    2. Lisa Fretwell Avatar

      I usually turn off music that has vocals on it when I'm trying to learn something. I've never been very good at letting music with vocals play in the background. I can't concentrate on what I'm reading/learning. The vocals in a song keep compelling me to listen to them. Because of this post, I turned on the player to have a listen. VERY nice. I like your voice. It has a soothing strength to it. It's definitely not background music. It compelled me to focus on it. 🙂

  46. GarageSpin Avatar

    Nope, your rights are yours to keep.

  47. MrDude Avatar

    ok, so I'll ask a question about the ugly word I haven't seen yet – taxes. Who takes care of collecting and remitting sales taxes, especially overseas?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Good question. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the websites themselves (iTunes, plus all the vendors mentioned above), handle taxes on the front end.

      1. Hunter Avatar

        there are no taxes in the USA for digital delivered products. The physical CD will have a tax only if sold in the same state it is made in… So if you ship it across state lines there is no sales tax…

    2. Alex Avatar

      Last I checked with NYC taxing laws…there are not tax charges for digital distribution only for physical

  48. Tony da Wolf Avatar
    Tony da Wolf

    it doesn't matter if itz cdbaby or tunecore, u better have sum money 2 promote urself. how else r u gonna sell ur trax if no 1 knows ur on itunes, amazon, zune & etc…

  49. new5thpants Avatar

    thanks man, this was very helpful.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Glad I could help, new5thpants. -Mike

  50. Janet Avatar

    Dittomusic ripped me off. They don't account properly.

  51. Tim Avatar

    Excellent site! Many great ideas. Question: Would an artist benefit from signing with multiple distributors? For instance: the way I see it is that ReverbNation is the most supportive for the artist in marketing (which is key, if you have a great product but nobody know about it, there's little to no sales), and then also sign with TuneCore or CD Baby (or others) which each have more distribution channels than RN? Furthermore do any of these entities help with getting your product on Satellite Radio or even traditionsl Radio??? That would be a huge + 🙂 Thanks to all who respond!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Tim: Not really. In fact, iTunes only lets one copy of a single song. If you try to submit to iTunes 2x, I believe some odd stuff happens…the old tracks get pulled…time passes…and your new tracks are added. However, you could certainly, say, use Tunecore to submit to iTunes, Reverbnation to submit to Napster, and CDBaby to sell CDs. But all in all, you'd probably want to use a minimum number of distributors so you only have one (or a couple) "dashboard(s)" to look at for sales history. I.e. as long as you don't have overlapping duplicate content in the same media form at a single retailer, you should be fine. -mike

      1. Alexsa Avatar

        You can only use one distributor for your album. Several distributors cannot sell the same album because then the digital stores will not know who to pay when a purchase is made…it just causes a huge mess.

        1. @LostInDigital Avatar

          Agree. There's no benefit at all to create duplicates. It will just cause a mess that's right.

  52. Meg Avatar

    could you please guide me more on ReverbNation's and Tunecore's hidden charges?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      What do you mean by “hidden” charges? If you mean reoccurring fees,
      both ReverbNation and TuneCore make you pay an annual fee to keep your
      music in stores. (For ReverbNation, it's $30 or $50 depending on your
      package; for TuneCore, the annual maintenance and storage fees apply.)
      If you mean take down fees, ReverbNation charges $30/$50 (depending
      on your package) for each release taken down. TuneCore only charges
      $20 if you take down a release within 6 months of publishing your
      content; otherwise, it's free.

      Check out both companies' FAQs for more info.

  53. Luki Avatar

    I feel that there is a lack of transparency over digital distribution. For example how does a company obtain the rights to sell indie artist's work to online stores(in digital format)? At what cost does it take to earn that right, and is the fee charged to customers really enough for the return? For example CDBaby only charges 29 cents per song for 99 cent songs, is that enough to pay for the investment of actually distributing the songs to the stores?

    1. @LostInDigital Avatar

      "how does a company obtain the rights to sell indie artist's work to online stores"
      the artist signs a distribution deal with the company

      the costs for delivering assets to digital retailers is not that important, at least for big companies like CDbaby & co who have recouped their investment already

  54. […] 7 Ways to Sell Your Music on iTunes on Garage Spin […]

  55. Steven Finch Avatar

    I find it weird that you have completely forgot RouteNote – http://routenote.com

  56. Hunter Avatar

    What about full Album only sales? I want to sell my 2 CD set of workout music as a whole package only. The main tracks are 24min long and no way am I selling that for 99cents.. Right now I am selling the entire 2CD set using e-junkie.com as a digital download from my own website and the physical CD is also on Amazon… But do any of these services offer complete Album Only sales on itunes? I heard you can do that, but cant find out where…

    checkout my website:

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      You will probably have to break up the 24min piece into individual tracks. (Almost all of the services above have file size and/or song time limits.)

  57. frank lucero Avatar
    frank lucero

    this is all good information. thanks to all of u who provided us with this important information. but can some one tell me once we get our music selling in this companys how do we advertise our music? how do we get the fans to buy our music if no one knows we exist? how good do this companys advertise your music online?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      You're asking great questions, great, because, they're hard to answer. 🙂 Promoting your own music is your job — all the companies above give you a variety of tools to enable you to sell it….but YOU need to find a way to generate demand for it.

  58. J-AFF Avatar

    is it possible to just buy a isrc code and just sell through I tunes?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      I'm sure there are other ways to get an ISRC code, however, selling directly through iTunes isn't possible without being signed some kind of label. iTunes does not currently offer a way for independent artists to sell their music on the site, which is why so many companies do offer the service.

  59. Kwasi Anahoma Avatar
    Kwasi Anahoma


    I'm in London trying to help a friend in Africa to sell her songs on itunes. Any contacts in UK to assist me do this? Suggetions and expect advice will be greatly tresured. Thanks.

  60. cms Avatar

    Why not go directly to the retail companies. Also, If you use the distributors generated upc bar code doesn't it hurt you when negotiating distribution deals?

    1. david Avatar

      when i contacted itunes about getting my band, ze krustaceans (www.myspace.com/zekrustaceans) onto itunes without using tunecore, they basically said i have to be signed to a label and have the manager contact itunes or use a service like tunecore… as for giving away your music for free there is

    2. GarageSpin Avatar

      From what I understand, I don't believe it hurts to have your own UPC code.

      Most of the retailers don't bother working directly with small or unsigned bands, but they ARE willing to work with aggregators such as the ones listed above.

  61. cms Avatar

    I'm looking to release a single. Can we give the music away for free?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Absolutely. But on iTunes? I don't believe so…but am not 100% certain. Does anyone else know?

  62. Jeff Avatar

    does one of these distribution companies allow for a specific iTunes genre? … I produce workout music, so in iTunes I want my music under the "Fitness & Workout" genre. Tunecore & CDBaby have a list of genres to choose from without the ability to choose a more specific genre. CDBaby said they could have it changed in iTunes after I sign up… the guy I talked to, was friendly but did not sound very reassuring of this go around method

  63. Jenny Avatar

    Great post, thanks for all the information.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      You're welcome, Jenny!

  64. Zehra Avatar

    Hey All,

    I'm a pop star doing a huge comeback in an Asian country.
    I already have a fan base with Asians all over the world, and hopefully, I will acquire a lot more with my comeback next month.

    Since I am new to the world of Digital Rights and Sales of music, I would like to connect with a successful Artist who is also from a Asian country and can guide me as to how I may choose the right Company and what are the details I should be aware of.

    As of now, I own the rights to all my old and upcoming music.

    Would really appreciate it:)



  65. Jolina DK Avatar
    Jolina DK

    Did you have any idea this post would be so prolific? Thanks for an excellent post and excellent conversation. It is incredibly useful and borderline overwhelming…in a completely necessary way. Good luck finishing that album.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Jolina: Nope. 🙂 It's been great; I have to the many musicians, bands, and even service providers for diving into the discussion. And thanks for the luck, I still need it!

  66. TRUCKLOAD Avatar

    I want to sell my bands albums on itunes..we cover other artistes material so when we subcribe will the distributor automaticaly pay the mechanical royalties to the writers or do we have to do that…

    Many Thanks

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Truckload: As far as I know, almost all usage agreements require bands to manage all licensing and royalty payments themselves. (They usually state this in the agreement language you agree to when creating an account.) To do this, the easiest way is to go to SongFile.com and purchase a license, or try to get one directly from the music publisher itself. Best of luck!

    2. alex Avatar

      you need to ask for a mechanical licence first before to sell anything….if you do not want of copyright infrengment with justice

  67. Shara Avatar

    I have some i_T_u_n_e_s account (not any gift card) want to sell:

    Once you buy the account, you will no longer look for "top free", you will go to "top paid" application

    There are 3 kinds of account:
    $300 in account: price is $39.99
    $450 in account: price is $49.99
    $600 in account: price is $59.99

    After received account, you can change your pass anytime as you wish!
    Anyone interesting, PM me or email to sharapeachez[@]gmail.com

    All payment via Paypal.


    1. jude Avatar

      Do you have a contact number, i wan to discuss this ac with you.

  68. GVictor Avatar

    These are great tips, but for many indies, the need is to get their music into the online stores for free and then pay only when sales happen.

    This is possible and this article shows you how to get your music into ALL popular online stores in ONE SHOT for free: http://bit.ly/chYlpF

  69. Seun Baby Avatar
    Seun Baby

    I stumbled across this blog, looking for answers to the “how can I upload and sell music online?” Question. The blurb is fantastically short and straight to the point. It’s nice to see the different companies mention, attempting to give a deeper view of what they do…. The article was spot on, and all the comments were helpful. Thanks!

  70. M PRICE Avatar



  71. tommytriggs Avatar

    interesting read thanks wassisname (sorry im crap rememberin names). but its interesting to see that now artists are paying to release music. what happened to A&R departments? is the future about artists being better business people & surely the playoff will mean less time for studio production & expected artists strengths?!!?? personally the more time i spend marketing & trying to sell music, means im not actually making the music to sell!! (vicious circle)…
    at present im just givin it away on youtube, so if anyone rips it, please buy me a pint next time u see me playin a gig as a return, thanxxxxx….lol

  72. Aaron Fisher Avatar

    Tunecore vs ReverbNation

    I released my first three singles through Tunecore with no real complaints. My songs were up on iTunes within hours, not weeks, like I expected. Their customer service is fast and extremely helpful/courteous. However, the user community seems absolutely dead. Very little activity on their forums, and no real-estate to browse.

    Wanting to explore my options for my upcoming album release, I signed up with ReverbNation. My experience so far has been in stark contrast to Tunecore. The first thing I noticed with RN is that there was so much content, I spent almost an entire day exploring it all. The community is flourishing. I started getting visits, my music was getting played, and I was collected fans almost IMMEDIATELY. RN also has a store that lets you design and sell on-demand merchandise, as well as music.

    I was blown away by all of the marketing tools, and tools for statistical analysis. I log in every day just to look at the charts, graphs, and check out who is listening to my music (it's still mostly me, haha). You can compare yourself to local artists, as well, and this has led to some great networking opportunities.

    As if that weren't enough, I just logged in to money in the bank, and it wasn't from music sales. I got paid through their "fair share" program, which from what I can gather, pays you for traffic to your RN page.

    I don't mean to gush, and I certainly have nothing against Tunecore as their service has been exemplary, but I am finding it hard to ignore the community and interactivity of RN's services and I will most likely use their service to distribute my album.

    1. Aaron Fisher Avatar

      I hope this is OK, but while promoting Tunecore, ReverbNation, and this blog, I forgot to promote my music 😉
      http://electroninabox.com http://www.reverbnation.com/electroninabox http://www.myspace.com/electroninabox

      Electronic/Ambient/IDM … OK, I'll stop there 🙂

    2. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Aaron! Great insight for both vendors.

    3. Alex Avatar

      I too am using tunecore, and at this moment am very upset with them. They use this automatic spell checker which is ridiculous as many artists and tracks are written in ways that does not follow the usual English language. I had to write them several times to remove the automatic spell checker so I could enter the tracks and the artists' names correctly for the first album. After a few days…all went well.

      On my second album…they screwed up. I had them remove the automatic spell checker…AGAIN…so I could enter the tracks and the artists' names correctly. When they distributed to the digital stores….THEY USED AUTOMATIC SPELL CHECKER!!!! and all the track names and artists' names were completely incorrect. Tunecore does not even have a customer service telephone number so you are left with waiting for them to email you back. After emailing them numerous times…they get back to me just to say….oh all the stores use automatic spell checkers so we HAVE TO use it as well in order for our submissions to go through and not all stores will post names as you want them to but we will see what we can do to correct it and bear in mind we cannot correct what we cannot see so you have to tell us if you see errors in other stores….
      WHAT!!!!! I was on their backs and they fixed it…BUT…they failed on one more track…and still claim it is the automatic spell checker…it is not the automatic spell checker because they were able to fix a few words and incorrectly spell the others so obviously someone does not pay attention…and they're attitude is to blame it on the stores or blame it on the program they use…..yet….the artists' names are the same as in the first album so why on the second album it could not be spelled correctly?

      I don't like companies that cannot admit they make mistakes. Further more…it takes a LONG time to get your songs to the digital stores…amazon mp3 is the only one that posts it up sooner with tunecore…other digital stores are much faster.

      And when it comes to errors…other stores like CD Baby will correct it right away without a problem…and they check other stores too. Tunecore however expects you to check all the stores and tell them yourself…and then they argue with you saying is't snot their fault it's the program….who cares…just fix the damn thing.

      Furthermore…it took almost 3 months to get paid from itunes with tunecore…that's a long damn time…and the trending report…the report that shows who you sold to for how much, etc….cost money to download each one for each week unless you want to enroll yearly and pay more…so yeah…there are lots of other costs and customer service is awful.

      1. GarageSpin Avatar

        Thanks for sharing, Alex. Yikes! Let that be a lesson: Don't use misspelled words in song titles. (Just kidding.) I can see that being a fairly frustrating experience — good luck resolving it.

  73. silvade Avatar

    This is a really great article, it seems as though so many artists want to sell their music on itunes, etc. There are also many music website templates I've seen floating around on the web, where you can feature your own music but not sell any…I did come across one where you can accomplish this with 100% profit, the company is called AudioDreamer….you get allot for your money, gotta check it out, you can market yourself as artist, no label, etc…
    Here is a Link: http://www.audiodreamer.com

  74. littlelostlinden Avatar


    Let's say I had just 1 song that I created and wanted to have it sold on Itunes by using ReverbNation.

    Looking at this blogpost, I see that ReverbNation charges a $34.95 setup fee.

    Does that mean I would pay only that fee and nothing more for the 1 song to be on Itunes or does the $34.95 fee include the ability to have an entire album or CD of songs?

    If it is for an entire CDalbum, does that mean it is not cost effective to only release one song at a time using ReverbNation?

    Anyway, just trying to get a feel for what is needed for people that only have 1 song versus an entire album to sell on Itunes. thanks

    Little Lost Linden http://thebotzone.net

  75. TJ Coulter Avatar

    Thank you very much, looking into getting into the music industry. I know some people who use Tunecore and they were showing me it. It is pretty simple and cheap, I will be using that one. Please check out my website people, tjcoulter.weebly.com it is a sub domain due to lack of funds right now, but am working on that now.

    Thanks again,
    people from tjcoulter.weebly.com

  76. Megan Avatar

    Need some advice. Co-managing an amazing band. After playing together for around 9 months, they have finally created their first album. Songs are all copyrighted. Which is the cheapest way for this young band to get started? Other manager owns many small businesses and knows his way around all the business jargin. Shoot me an email if you've got any advice.

    BTW, your post was amazing help and you did a very good job on all price descriptions.

  77. CANO Avatar


  78. andy Avatar

    check out Turk 1 am on itunes….great song.

  79. Freddy Bones Avatar
    Freddy Bones

    Thanks a billion for this . I been using services asking for non of this which now leads me to belive without a code attached to my lease proves no sale there for no royalties for me . went to use that same service and thier site is shut down. SO PLEASE BE WARNED OF ZOOMOOZIK . Itunes seems more lagit and you lightin the Idea up for me thus far . Thanks a million my brtha !

  80. muzzie braun Avatar

    I am an old artist..40 yrs in the biz… I have always maintained my own record lable.. Idaho Records. We have 12 current titles which are all in folk/ country singer songwriter and tradional Western style. My 4 sons recorded with me in the 90's and we have 4 titles with them. They have gone on to have their own success with their two Texas Alt/country bands Reckless Kelly and Micky and the Motorcars.
    Our music ideally would like to include the younger market that is enjoying their current works but would also like to hear what they sounded like when they were youngsters…
    Any sugjetions on which company would be best suited to getting this type of placement?
    Thanks and good luck to all
    Muzzie Braun/ Idaho Records

  81. lisa Avatar

    ubetoo is the best distribution service! http://www.ubetoo.com

  82. soter Avatar

    check my music download for free myspace.com/602r
    hip-hop/house musik

  83. Jodel Avatar

    Mike, this post freaking ROCKS! Did you ever do a follow up post?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Jodel: Thanks! Unfortunately, no. But, I'm hoping that'll change, slowly. I'm opening up GarageSpin to "guest posts" as a pilot test…if it works out, a follow-up to this post is one of many post ideas that have been sitting on a back burner for a while. 🙂

  84. Mike Avatar

    Here is another one that looks pretty straight forward : http://www.sellmytunes.org
    Cheers !

  85. Sam Holman Avatar

    I've just realized some of these questions may be redundant as I read an article about Wahtunes phasing out physical distribution to focus on It's social platform and Wahtunes marketplace. As far as I'm aware it only distributes to sites outside of this through the Facebook ap "Facebook music store" and through Reverbnation. If this is still incorrect please correct me. I'm still interested in knowing whether you can upload in wav or just mp3's? Thanks again, Sam Holman

  86. bub Avatar

    lets say after a year or two on reverbnation i want to cancel… do i just stop recurring payments when the year is up? and then thats all there is to it, correct?

  87. R, Ferguson Avatar

    Hi everyone, I need your help…How can I find a company to sell our music, we have 6 albums from six driffrent artist signed to Fuzion Records Group Inc, and many more to come.
    Check us out at fuzionrecordsgroup.com

  88. beware labeltune Avatar
    beware labeltune

    El 19 de enero de 2011 Yo intenté hacerlo mediante una página que se llama Labeltune. Un mes después no he recibido noticias de la empresa. No han subido mi música a Itunes, pero en mi estado de cuenta sí aparece el cargo por el servicio. Les he enviado varios correos para saber qué ha pasado y no me han contestado. No se si esta empresa es real o es otro fraude por internet. Aún cuando la compra la hice mediante paypal, este concepto no está protegido y tal vez no recupere mi dinero. Cuidado con Labeltune.


    On January 19, 2011 I tried to do this through a web site called Labeltune. A month later I have not heard from the company. They have not uploaded my music to iTunes, but in my statement does appear the charge for the service. I have sent several emails to find out what happened and have not been answered. I do not know if this company is real or another internet fraud. Even when the purchase was made through paypal, this concept is not protected and may not recover my money. Beware Labeltune.

  89. K.R Avatar

    K.R – StreetSmartz Album Available On iTunes Now.

    Purchase The Album Or Any Songs You LIke Individually

    K.R –
    Tunecore Artist. http://www.tunecore.com

  90. John Parker Avatar

    This completely sucks. Now a days, you can have the most brilliant songs, mastered like a album, or better!But, if you have no money, forget about it…Right in front of you a band OUT OF TUNE and with awfull songs, that has money can sell their music (or putt it for sale, even if no one will buy).

    Shouldn´t there be a way to put your art to the test, and "ok!this is good!Lets give it a shot, and the first sales money goes straight to pay that distribuition, and only then goes to the band members".

    Every digital way to sell, they are asking for money, blindly!!Wanna sell your music? Pay! Easy money…

    If I had money, I could record 5 farts and sell them here. Now, if I (wich these one is TRUE) am a guy from a country with awfull life conditions, no jobs, the more you try, there are no chances, almost 20% of the country has no job. High taxes, you cannot live!But! You had that special friend with money and a great studio, that believed in you and recorded it, mastered it, sounding perfect!! What can you do? Listen to it yourself, or go to the street and sell it!?This is sad…What I want to say is that : what matters here is if the ARTISTS HAVE MONEY OR NOT! It is SAD!Should be FORBIDEN! Man, you put the tracks on sale, then get the first proffits, done!You may launched a band that will have a future and will atract more costumers to you…Any one knows any band, FAMOUS and WORKING/LIVING from their music that started with ITUNES, CD-BABY or any digital distribuition ?? Right… NONE! Dont waste your money, send CD to label companies. One day something will work…Cheers!

    1. Marko Jaric Avatar
      Marko Jaric

      Were you drunk when you wrote this, or is English not your first language?

      Labels listen to a fraction of the songs they receive, at least this way you can get some of your money back from iTunes.

  91. Miguel Avatar

    He subido mi album (23 de febrero 2011 ) usando labeltune y ahora mis canciones estan en itunes y Spotify sin ningun problema!!

    I have recently uploaded my music through labeltune, works great, no problems at all…my album is live on itunes and spotify…… cant agree with earier post……

  92. SonnyT Avatar

    I'm trying to help a musician friend navigate these waters, which appear to be shark-infested, at least that's what comes across in a forum (see link below) focusing on (mostly bad) experiences with Tunecore. I also found a lot of complaints about ReverbNation and CD Baby. I initially recommended Tunecore to my friend based on setup/maintenance fees, compensation model and customer support. Then I decided to Google the services using the search term "(name of service) scam." While I was able to readily find a ton of complaints about Tuncord, ReverbNation and CD Baby, I found fewer complaints about the others, however, I don't know to what extent that might be due to lack of critical mass or search term limitations in the case of Orchard. As far as the scam complaints go, it's also possible that many of those who posted them had unrealistic expectations to begin with, or might even have been instigated by competitors (rightly or wrongly, I'm always wary on that aspect). I'd be interested to know more about any other services that didn't make the list that might offer a better deal and greater integrity. Nonetheless, I wouldn't recommend signing up with any of the services without being aware of the complaints, as well as other issues that may be in the nature of the beast. It would be brilliant if one of the services clearly and honestly disclosed all important considerations upfront, not just in the fine print. As yet, I'm unable to recommend the best service(s) to my friend to select or consider with any confidence, but four considerations are clear in my opinion:

    I'd appreciate suggestions from anyone who could help supply some real insight or a link to matrix that compares all of the factors necessary to consider in order to determine your best option(s).

  93. Margie Avatar

    I met someone who said she just sent her CD in to ITunes. It's a professional quality CD, but still, I'm sure a lot of the CDs sold through CD Baby are, too. So what does one have to do to cut out the middleman and sell directly on iTunes?

  94. Where is your songs? Avatar
    Where is your songs?

    Tried to find u on iTunes ……… Your not on there.

  95. randy Avatar

    hi im new to all this downloading stuff .. ive produced many songs over the years.. and just found 3 of my albums that i wrote and produced on itunes, and trying to find out whos making money on MY music !! i tried finding a simple contact form to itunes and even thats a challenge, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated .. heres the 3 links to my 3 albums, thx !

    randy taylor-weber

  96. Chris Avatar

    I'd be very interested to read a follow-up. Who did you wind up going with and what was your experience?

    Great post. Thanks.

  97. CaroP Avatar

    This gives me a good sense on music distribution. What if you were trying to sell a song on iTunes to raise funds for a charitable cause? Could I price my song at $3 instead of .99c?
    Any sense as to how pricing works on iTunes?

  98. evee Avatar


    1. Donald Avatar

      Go to http://www.venzodigital.com – Best in the business!

  99. Mike St.Clair Avatar

    Mike, Like to chat with you sometime… Love your site and left a comment on your My Space Vid,
    Good work.


    Mike St.Clair

  100. […] First, get your music to all the major digital stores (most importantly, iTunes and Amazon, but there are dozens of others) by using services like Tunecore, Reverbnation, Indaba, or CDBaby. They typically cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10/single and $40-50/album in setup fees, and then take varying amounts of percentages off your earnings. Here’s a comparison of some of the services. […]

  101. Pete Reidy Avatar
    Pete Reidy

    Hi I'm a singer / songwriter I want to start to sell my music on line, I din't realise that there where so many companys, I'm more confused than ever now as which one to go for, I'v been told that most of them tie you up so you can't sign with a major company if you are offered a deal. Do any of the companys who sell your music specialise in country music? or are they all just general.?

    1. Pete Reidy Avatar
      Pete Reidy

      Ok. What happens now?

    2. Kevin Avatar


      If you use CD Baby to sell and distribute your music, you retain all the rights and are completely free to sign a label deal should one come along. One of the cool things about CD Baby is that we not only get your music on iTunes, but we have our own store where hard core indie music fans are always searching out new undiscovered gems. There is definitely a big country music community there.

      Selling your music is quick and easy. Just head over to http://members.cdbaby.com to get started. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at cdbaby@cdbaby.com.

      Kevin at CD Baby http://members.cdbaby.com

  102. Kevin Doyle Avatar

    Hello I'm A&R for the newest & largest distribution company, JMD Distribution. We distribute to over 400 retialers worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody ect. We distribute via INgrooves who also has clients such as Universal Music Group. We can also do an extensive online marketing campaign to promote your release. If you would like to submit your music for consideration, email me at kdoyle@jmddistribution.com with a link to your music and some information about your band.

    Kevin Doyle

  103. Distrophonix Avatar

    Check out Distrophonix: Your music is released in 400+ digital stores worldwide, No Setup Fees, No Maintenance Fees, FREE Marketing and Promotion of your music, You receive 80% of royalties from the sale of your music. Distrophonix offers services such as: mastering, CD pressing, graphic design, etc.
    Visit http://www.Distrophonix.com http://www.facebook.com/Distrophonix.com http://www.twitter.com/Distrophonix http://www.Distrophonix.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/vstheworld6 http://www.purevolume.com/Distrophonix

  104. naqwan Avatar

    Question…before i sign up to cdbaby/tunecore/etc….do i need to be signed up as a publisher/songwriter on ascap/bmi…and do i need some type of license to sell my music (original songs) ?

    1. Kevin at CD Baby Avatar

      Hey there,

      To answer your question, No, you do not need to be signed up with ASCAP or BMI in order to sell your music through CD Baby. If you're getting ready to distribute your music, we'd love to help you out at CD Baby. Just head over to http://members.cdbaby.com to get started. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

      Kevin at CD Baby http://members.cdbaby.com

  105. Alfredo De La Fe Avatar

    Going to watunes.com takes me to your facebook page. Also, your payout for iTunes is .29 per song, while reverbnation lists .70 per song. Is one of these in error?

  106. Dana-Marie Avatar

    Can anyone tell me, what cut does iTunes itself take from sales? I can't believe I can't find that information anywhere.

    1. Kevin Avatar


      iTunes takes 29¢ from every 99¢ download. If you need more information about how to sell on iTunes. Check out this link – http://members.cdbaby.com/whatwedo/selliTunes.asp….

      If you have a song or album that you'd like to get up for sale on iTunes, we'd love to help!

      Kevin at CD Baby

  107. Kevin at CD Baby Avatar

    If you still have questions about how or why to sell music on iTunes, check out this link – http://members.cdbaby.com/whatwedo/selliTunes.asp….

    Kevin at CD Baby http://members.cdbaby.com

  108. Donald Avatar

    i need information clear on how to sell music on itunes. i havent heard anything about cd cover or who helps design art on it. i seek thorough info on how to get started seeing that i can send unsolicited music to get a publishing deal. also i need to know if itunes does have a list of music people who seek mp3 music and lyrics to collaborate with other music people like myself who writes all types of styles of music.

    1. LostInDigital Avatar


      "i havent heard anything about cd cover or who helps design art on it":
      this is something you'll have to deal with by yourself (design your own cover art or hire a graphic designer).

      "if itunes does have a list of music people who seek mp3 music and lyrics to collaborate with":


  109. Chris Avatar

    This article is out of date pricing-wise. Check out

    for a more up to date comparison.

    1. KingDick Avatar

      Yeah WAY out of date. Tunecore now charges $50 yearly maintenance fee per album.

    2. Iggi Avatar

      Nice one!

  110. mark Avatar

    You can distribute your music to iTunes and other online stores such as Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster and many other with http://www.free-digital-music-distribution.com and Record Union music distribution service.
    When you register for RecordUnion, use A&R Code CD5af8ff35 and you will get your first 2 albums distributed for FREE! That means no up-front cost to you!

  111. lisa Avatar

    I want to sell my own music. Is it possible to sell it through all of these 7 distributors or is it difficult / not possible to combine?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Lisa: The distributors listed above all more or less distribute to the same locations. You would only want to pick ONE of the distributors above. Or, if you select several, make sure you don't have more than one distributor sending music to the same consumer-facing online store…otherwise, you'll have a big mess..! Good luck!

    2. LostInDigital Avatar

      There is no interest to do this: this would create duplicates on the stores or some of your products will simply be rejected/removed.

  112. lisa Avatar

    CD baby takes 25% of the money everytime I would sell a mp3 file through CD baby – I think that is a whole lot… Is that a whole lot? Or is that what I can expect all over?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      It varies. Every store will usually either 1) charge you a % royalty, or 2) charge you a re-occurring subscription/setup/maintenance fee. You'll have to choose which is best for you.

      1. Chris Avatar

        25% is the least amount that any music retailer will keep. iTunes keeps about 30%.Most will take 30% or more. Remember they've got to cover credit card fees on 99 cent downloads.

    2. Chris Avatar

      25% is the least amount that any music retailer will keep. iTunes keeps about 30%.Most will take 30% or more.

      Some distributors charge yearly fees rather than taking a percentage, but the retailers (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster etc) always take a cut. That' how they make money. Just the same as any grocery store takes a cut of the merchandise it sells.

      Chris http://members.cdbaby.com

      1. Tony Avatar

        Now I'm confused…I thought CD Baby charged an upload fee for an album of $39 and for every album sold they would take a further 9% in commission.
        Where does the 25% come in to it?

  113. Clif Avatar

    FYI: I just submitted a “take down” request to Reverb Nation (R.N.) for my EP. They did actually distribute it, however, most of the retailers mangled my band’s name and R.N. did nothing to fix it. I contacted them a few times about it and they said that “…the discrepencies in information is caused by automated retail systems over which we have no control.” and “We can only reach out to the retailers to request that changes be made.”

    After 4 months it never got fixed.

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Yikes, that stinks, Clif. Thanks for sharing. 'Hope it all works out.

    2. LostInDigital Avatar

      The reply ou received is (unfortunately) correct: reverb nation can't do anything about this, they have no control on what the retailers are doing and how they process and display the data received.
      The only way would be to commercially pressure the retailer for changes to be made or take down to occur, but unless you're a well-known / big selling artist there's no chance this will be done.

  114. Fernando Avatar

    Has this list been updated? Are there new players? New biz models? New rates?

    1. Chris Avatar

      Prices have changed a bit. Tunecore raised their price by 150% yikes! It's 49.99 dollars every year for an album now.

      We (CD Baby) raised our set up fee from 35.00 to 39.00 (our only rate increase in like 10 years). But we offer more features, services and partner companies. No yearly fees. No hidden charges. We also include worldwide CD distribution.


      1. GarageSpin Avatar

        Thanks for posting the update, Chris! Clearly, I need to re-post this info. Perhaps in September…

  115. JoyMitra Avatar

    wow, love these threads.. so I got 5 songs I want to see if anyone will buy em.. anyone as of now (august 2011) have a recommended service to use… am thinking nimbit right now but CD Baby so far seems pretty good.. freedom I want is to take down and put up new stuff as I see fit… and not crazy about storage costs.. seeing as storage is so freaking cheap nowadays..

  116. christian aaron Avatar
    christian aaron

    I may sound dense here but want to clarify: when these companies say they don't take royalties or fess from song purchases, are they also talking about their affiliates? So if ReverbNation posts to iTunes…. what does iTunes take per sale? I am wondering about the absolute best solution as far as who takes the least along each step of the way. I'd like to separate that concept from marketing objectively, and then look at it that way. Thanks — chris

    1. Chris Avatar

      HI Christian,

      The retailers like iTunes and Amazon all get their cut. That's how they make money. They usually take about 30% of the retail price.

      Some of the distributors like Tunecore and Reverbnation don't take an additional cut, but they do charge $49 dollar fees every year. This way they make money whether you sell downloads or not.

      CD Baby takes 9% after the retailers take their cut but CD Baby does not charge a yearly fee.

      You can find a nifty price comparison here based on how many albums you would need to sell to break even with each service.

      Chris B at CD Baby http://members.cdbaby.com

  117. amith mathew Avatar

    how do i get a UPC Code?

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Hi Amith — all of the sites above offer UPC codes, some for free, and some charge. If you're looking for other ways to do it, lookup "UPC code" on Wikipedia. Good luck!

    2. @LostInDigital Avatar

      try this http://www.simplybarcodes.net/barcode-itune.html

      or go through a digital distributor who will create the UPC on your behalf

  118. touch Avatar

    Hw do u get ur own website

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      I'd highly recommend using WordPress or Bandzoogle, or something similar. That subject is waaaay too big to be covered here..! 🙂

    2. LostInDigital Avatar

      check out Bandcamp, it's free

  119. Paul Avatar

    This had been enlightening. I have one song only that I am ready to sell as I feel it has some commerciality and I have a unique way of promoting it. I was planning to just sell it on my own website http://WhenTheLastBeatlesgone.com but now I will look into the suggestions presented here. I expect most to go to my site but there will be others who will go searching on ITunes etc.

    My biggest problem is that after all these costs – receiving payment to my bank account in Australia – also costs money, it seems like not much will be left – depending on quantity of downloads. – Lots to think about

    1. Steve Kelly Avatar

      Don't go with anyone else, why should they get a % of your sales – it's all a con. You are right to just sell through your own page.

    2. LostInDigital Avatar

      "receiving payment to my bank account in Australia"
      most distributors use PayPal for payments, so wherever you live in the world it makes no difference, there will always be commissions/costs from the payment processing company (PayPal in this example)

  120. BAB Avatar

    I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere online:

    Which of the online distributors will allow pre-orders to be made. I signed up with Tunecore for my band but they just told me that they can't facilitate pre-orders which means that for the duration of a 4 week marketing campaign leading up to the release, nobody can go to my band's page and pre-order.

    Any suggestions???

    1. Tony Avatar

      Check out Nimbit!

  121. Charles Avatar

    This article is really out of date!

  122. martin morris Avatar
    martin morris

    Hi all. I am planning to release a Christmas Single in England in early December. This is planned as a one off project and unless it is a huge sucess (if you are gona be a 1 hit wonder , make it a Christmas song eh) i dont plan on releasing any other material. I have gained backing from local radio stations who all love the song but as i am a plasterer (in real life) im not sure what to do next. Fom what i have read Tune core is standing out. Any ideas? Cheers Martin . England

    1. Tony Avatar

      Hi Martin,
      From the research that I have done here…I'm swaying towards CD Baby.
      There does seem to be a mixed bag on who people recommend…so just read their fine print and go with your gut and chose one.
      Good luck!

  123. Moe Avatar

    One thing many of you artists missed out is accountability. How do you know that you are collecting the full profit of what has been sold. If for example you are signed up with CDbaby and they have distibuted your music to say Spotify, if from Spotify 100 downloads are made of your song but only 50 is reported to CDbaby, how do you get the profit for the other 50??.

    1. LostInDigital Avatar

      This is a matter of trust, unfortunately.

      Artists / Labels / Content owners or Digital Distributors have to trust the digital music retailers (iTunes, Spotify…) for their accounting and transaction logs.

      There is no way to control anything in this business.

      If iTunes sells 100 and reports 50, you can't do much about it and have no way to prove anything.

    2. Chris at CD Baby Avatar

      We do a lot of research before we begin working with a company. We aim to only partner with reputable companies that will benefit our artists. In the past, we've canceled partnerships with companies because we didn't agree with their business practices—but this is rare.

      High profile companies like Spotify are highly scrutinized in the business world. If they were to do something underhanded, it would ruin their company and put hundreds of people out of work. I doubt they would risk that in order to rip off indie artists.

      That being said, when you sign up for CD Baby, you don't have to opt in for Spotify. You can choose the companies you want to work with.


      Chris B
      CD Baby http://members.cdbaby.com

  124. Susmita Avatar

    I thought Reverbnation just takes one time charge , but that’s an yearly charge, so you need to edit your post..

  125. […] One of the hobbies that I have is composing and playing piano music. A goal of mine has always been to submit some of my personal music compositions to iTunes and other online digital music stores. After some quick research, I found a list of online companies that ease the process for submitting music to iTunes and other popular online music stores. A list of these companies as well as some mix reviews can be found here: Click Here […]

  126. Aaron Morgan Avatar

    We at http://www.trizzat.com wrote on Labeltune and it's new prices if you are interested in reading.

  127. […] Music selbst ohne Label veröffentlichen. Das geht bei iTunes und Amazone auch schon längst. Hier eine Liste an Diensten, die zum Teil sogar bessere Konditionen bieten als […]

  128. Iggi Avatar

    If all these online distributers are so good how come none offer pre-orders. Its a big part of building up hype to fans for any release.

  129. David Parlmer Avatar
    David Parlmer

    this is a fantastic blog and very informative. Thanks for writing it. For what its worth we're a band from CA and have dealt with almost every company mentioned on this blog. Tunecore, Cdbaby and reverbnation. After distributing tunes with all we found http://www.jmddistribution.com
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